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First, rather than focussing upon niche periods such as the Iron Age, I have chosen to examine continuity and change over the entirety of the island dwelling tradition in Scotland. Secondly, this thesis also marks a departure from traditional approaches by integrating mainland crannog studies with those found in the Western Isles or Outer Hebrides. Despite having the highest density and longest chronology for occupied islets in Scotland, very little fieldwork has been carried out in the Western Isles.

“You did rally with me and Modiji. We said Devendra Fadnavis is our leader and CM face. Why didn you say anything then? There wasn any promise or talk. “People need to understand the power and importance of historically Black colleges and universities in our country’s history and the work they continue to do. I think when they do understand that, more Americans will see that they are a vital part of our ecosystem,” Lomax said. “With a vice president who attended Howard University, with mayors across this country who attended historically Black colleges, with civic leaders who are fighting against voter suppression and for civic engagement like Stacey Abrams, a Spelman alumna, I think more people are recognizing that these are incredible institutions worthy of investment and worthy of public support.”.

We asked Islanders how the COVID 19 pandemic has impacted their romantic relationships. Are spending more time and money on how their eyes and eyebrows look. The unemployment rate on Prince Edward Island took a dive in January as fewer people sought work, according to Statistics Canada.

I’m proud of my accomplishments: creation of a resident based task force to review police procedures and policies which has led to the formation of the Civilian Oversight Board; working with the City and County to create and fund the Beacon homeless day resource center; working with my Council colleagues to fund peer support and other violence disruption strategies; finding a developer to rehab the historic Garver Feed Mill and sheparding that process over many years; working to revitalize E Washington Ave and the Cap East District which now includes a new park, new housing, a grocery store and employment; and helping plan a new neighborhood at Union Corners that includes affordable housing and the new home for Red Caboose daycare. District 6 has three of the five existing local historic districts and I worked preserve our historic assets and to update our landmarks ordinance. I opposed the siting of F 35s at Truax and prepared a statement on behalf of several Council members during the draft phase of the EIS and facilitated meetings where over a 1000 affected residents could get information and send in comments for the final draft..

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