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Top parses are only high because everyone in the raid is doing good damage. You can probably find a mage that parsed 80 on a fight because it lasted 1 minute and his damage in the first 20 seconds would have been a rank 1 parse if the boss had died then. Pretty much every top parse is on a fight that is significantly faster than parses 10 15 points lower due to those players having 100% uptime on their cool downs.

More48 hours in FrankfurtThe beauty of Frankfurt is unexplainable, as it is a stunning portrayal of the old and new, making travellers heady with romance. The best of Frankfurt lies in its old world charm, but a lot has . MoreStaying on a budget in FrankfurtThe beauty of Frankfurt lies in its many old world charms, all of which comes colliding with the commercial hotspot it is today.

My old man cat has been slowing down for a while, and I think we may be moving into a new phase of old man cat ness. I can handle the medical aspects, but what might I not be thinking of to make his life at home as comfortable and easy as I can for whatever time he has left? (Difficulty levels: Deaf, getting very stiff in the back legs, was never a good jumper to begin with, underweight, seems to be getting maybe a little confused). [more inside].

It is time we all agree that these anti Islam fundamentalists, too, have a right to go to the toilet without so many armed guards trying to escort them, wasting their time in front of a toilet. Intolerance should not be met by threats and violence. It should be countered with better arguments, better cartoons.

Meaning the river in Lithuanian, Uupis is separated from the rest of the city by the Vilnele River. The republic celebrates its independence annually on 1 April, known locally as Uupis Day. On this day, travellers can get their passports stamped as they cross the bridge into the republic (every other day, the border is not guarded), use the local (unofficial) currency and treat themselves to the beer that flows from the water spout in the main square (yes, really)..

Gaspin has been with NBC since the mid ’80s, with one timeout during which he worked at VH1. He started his NBC career in the stations division in ’84, and moved to NBC News a few years later. He was involved in financial planning for NBC News and also oversaw production fnance for “Late Night with David Letterman” and “Saturday Night Live.” Gaspin’s long NBC career also includes a stint overseeing the network’s push into reality TV, and running Bravo network..

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