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But what’s the best news? By moving production overseas to get a more consistent fit, feel, and construction, F 365s now come in a whopping 21(!?!) colors. 365s work as well with a plain white tee as they do with a casual button down. And they work as hard in the office as they do in the field.

For some advertisers on this year’s Top 10 videos, the creative choices may be less obvious, but feel more innovative. Boldness trumping caution is certainly one theme for videos represented by K Swiss’s foul mouthed Kenny Powers and Ford Focus’s flirtatious sock puppet. But other advertisers have other audiences in mind, drawn to the poignancy and emotion of Volkswagen’s The Force and The Silent Indian National Anthem videos, which proves there is no single formula for success for viral video ads, other than knowing your audience and being very creative about engaging them..

After this landmark show, recontextualizing works of art (and in turn our interpretations of them) through bold curatorial juxtaposition became Wilson’s signature. Just one look at the well known image from “Mining’ of Wilson’s display of slave shackles and elaborate silver tea goblets together in the same display case is really all you need to start reconsidering the notions of historical accuracy, authenticity, and truth. History is written by the winners as they say..

Jenia Johnson said she was a bit overwhelmed at the request, since she had no medical training, though did know CPR. But then she thought, what would I do if he was my child? She looked at her husband and they agreed: said we can do this. Both babies had been abused.

Luckily, Mount Mulligan version of the Outback means refreshments are never far away. The sky is now colourless except for a thin streak of dusky pink. Mount Mulligan is a deep shade of ochre. Below are some of my favorites from the collection. Although I a total leggings junkie, this is one item in my closet that looks right with jeans only. It was just right, and booties felt absolutely appropriate.

Avec Joe Biden, ils resteront. Enfin, le ton a galement chang envers la Russie. En revanche, il n pas parl de l ou la Core du Nord et est rest relativement discret sur la Chine.. I am at a very similar school in the Bay Area also title 1, over 80% of our students are on free/reduced lunch, over 90% minority. Is next year your first year doing AP Chem?I am very clear with my students that in AP Chem, we are going to learn study skills that will help them in college or community college. Connecting the work to the broader narrative of where they hope their lives will go helps them buy in more than trying to convince them to learn chem for the sake of learning chem.

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