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I don’t support the demolition of 924 E Main. We have a lot of interesting historic commercial buildings in the Cap East district that should be re used if possible. The applicant has not made a case that the building could not be incorporated into the redevelopment of the Mautz site or that the building is beyond rehab/repair.

Please join me and Alder Mike Verveer for a neighborhood meeting where we will hear about the Kothe Real Estate Group’s redevelopment proposal for the properties at the intersection of E. Wilson and S. Blair Streets. Where: Goodman Parks Facilities Building, 1402 Wingra Creek Parkway (off Olin Av), First floor meeting room. Google Maps: Goodman Parks Facilities BuildingThe City of Madison is fortunate to have an abundance of festivals, runs, concerts, marches, and other outdoor activities planned on the isthmus each year. However, that also brings challenges for City staff, budgets, Metro bus riders, neighbors, and visitors.

16. 44993 Consideration of a conditional use for dwelling units in a mixed use building in TE (Traditional Employment District) zoning to allow construction of a residential addition to an existing commercial building at 134 S. Fair Oaks Avenue; 6th Ald.

If you a parent whose head is reeling after seeing that number, you probably wondering how to keep your child birthday on the cheaper side of things. Fortunately, there are ways you can reduce the price, starting as early as creating party invitations.Although you, of course, get the final say when it comes to the invitations, this is your child special day. Ask them what they ideally would like their invitations to look like.

Such prescriptions sound obvious, but many scientists forget them, particularly in fields with limited data, such as archaeology.”The impact hypothesis is one of many put forward by mainstream scientists, using the same peer review process as mainstream archeologist. The way science is supposed to workScientific method is the best way we have to discover truth. It is done by people though, and is not infallible.

We are ready to combat this virus with science and facts.”The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices voted on the recommendations for whom should be given the covid 19 vaccine first when it becomes available. (The Washington Post)On Tuesday, after Biden officially introduced her as part of his health team during an event in Wilmington, Del., she described how her medical training more than 30 years ago coincided with some of the most harrowing years of the AIDS crisis.”Inside the hospital, I witnessed people lose strength and hope, while outside the hospital, I witnessed those same patients, mostly gay men and members of vulnerable communities, be stigmatized and marginalized by their nation and many of its leaders,” she said.She has dedicated her career since to researching and treating infectious diseases and to ending the AIDS crisis, she said.”Now. A new virus is ravaging us.

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