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Through an open door, he spots a boy writhing on an examination table; doctors are nowhere to be seen.Pugmire, a curly haired Richard Branson look alike, is here to find 87 year old Eunide Baptiste. He dropped her off five days ago for an operation on a badly broken hip. Now, she sits in a room with 50 other glassy eyed patients, awaiting a physician.

Gaming performance was very good too. The 5,000mAh capacity easily lasted for an entire day, even with lots of gaming and camera usage.The Poco M2 Pro has four rear cameras, which include a primary 48 megapixel sensor, an 8 megapixel sensor with a wide angle lens, a 5 megapixel macro camera, and a 2 megapixel depth camera. You get a 16 megapixel hole punch selfie camera.

SPECIAL NOTICE: The Sheriff’s Office recently responded to several reports of thefts from autos. In almost every case, the cars were left unlocked and valuables were left inside the vehicles overnight. The Sheriff’s Office is reminding residents to remove all valuables from unattended vehicles and keep the doors locked and windows up.

Green Contact lensesGreen contacts are by far my favourite colour when it comes to contacts. There are many different types of green contacts and it really depends on what type of look you want when choosing a shade of green. Green contacts come in green, evergreen, emerald green, gemstone green (which is my favourite type) and many other shades manufactured by different brands.

All of the designer items, money that was in my friend’s suitcase, our phones, everything,” Pata says.The total damage: more than $20,000 worth of goods, including $1,800 in cash and credit cards, an iPad, Chanel handbags, Cartier jewelry, and diamonds.As police investigated and a hotel manager promised to help solve the problem, the women remained in Miami. Eventually, the hotel handed over a damage release report with a paltry offer: $2,000 as compensation in exchange for releasing the hotel from liability, which, according to Eduardo Moya, the hotel manager, was standard procedure.”The Miami Beach Resort completed an incident report and forwarded the claim to the Resort’s insurance company,” Moya wrote. “As per the Resort’s insurance policy, the guest was offered the maximum possible compensation payment of $1,000 per guest for a total of $2,000.”Pata refused the money.”I didn’t sign the papers,” Pata says, and that’s when things got even worse.

Kindle Fire HD vs. IPad 3: Which is better? Tech blogs have gone into overdrive with iPad vs. Kindle Fire HD posts pointing out features and differences between two of the best tablets money can buy. Closed it off to new bathers on Sunday afternoon after it reached capacity. Long queues of people formed to gain access to the beach.People queue to enter the beach in Barcelona, Spain, on Sunday ()Barcelona went back into lockdown on Saturday, with gatherings of more than 10 people banned.On Sunday, Catalonia’s regional health ministry reported 944 new cases over a 24 hour period, after recording more than 1,200 the previous day.About four million people were advised to only leave home for essential trips, but that did not stop the city’s beaches from being overwhelmed.”Staying at home in the summer is stifling and stressful,” said beach goer Felipe, 24, who wore a face mask.”I work five days a week and can’t spend every day at home. My mental health comes first.”Spain was one of the worst hit countries in Europe by coronavirus and emerged from a national lockdown on 21 June.Since its national lockdown ended, there have been more than 180 outbreaks across Spain.The new lockdown measures in Barcelona mean bars and restaurants may remain open but provide just 50% capacity and two metres between tables outside..

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