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Get some work done, do something creative, reach out to a friend or family member, do some cleaning, eat a healthy meal, get some exercise, etc. Early on it can feel like it’s way easier to keep drinking than to stop drinking. My drinking was alway cyclical.

“But his interview with CBS sent a wise and rational signal that the US wants to avoid a hot war with China while competition in trade and tech fronts will continue.” US not planning Beijing Winter Olympics boycott despite genocide designation Lu Xiang, a senior fellow specialising in US studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said the timing of the call would not be crucial in shaping a relationship that has “entered unchartered waters”. “We don’t shy away from competition, and both sides should work out rules for competition”, he said. “What we want to see from Biden is a big picture, a big idea of how he thinks about the bilateral relations.

Hewitt was fired from his CEO role at Liberty Tax in September 2017 after an internal review into his conduct. That was prompted by employee complaints of hearing him having sex in his office and his preferential treatment of franchisees and employees with whom he was believed to be in relationships. He remained chairman of the board because of his controlling shares until resigning in July 2018, selling his stake only after Liberty Tax’s lender required it.

Experts say we must nearly cut our emissions in half by 2030 to avoid destabilizing the climate. The Council also approved moving forward with placing four referendum questions on the spring ballot about whether to decrease the size of the council from 20 to 10, whether to increase the term from 2 to 4 years, whether the Council should be full time with a compensation package in the range of 80% of area median income, and whether the Council should be subject to term limits of 12 consecutive years. The Council also discussed the city’s homeless encampments and the work of our agency partners.

1. Please join me for a neighborhood meeting where we will hear about a proposal to open Working Draft Beer Company (WDBC) at 1129 E. Wilson Street. A woman I met in Oslo helped me moderate my drinking. A beautiful young woman with smooth brown skin, a smile like sunrise, and eyes the color of amber. Tatina.

We largely homebound and only stepping out to make quick trips to get some fresh air, pick up groceries, and perhaps stop by the office for a short while. Our customer organized her life around going to work, says Karla Gallardo, CEO of Cuyana, a fashion label known for its durable leather bags. Days, she plans her day around errands.

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