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SOAR Case Management Services, a neighborhood based agency, received Plan Commission approval on November 16 for a conditional use permit to convert a two story, three bedroom single family residence into a peer run respite center for individuals to receive peer counseling during a mental health or substance abuse crisis. Up to 3 “guests” may stay a maximum of 5 nights while receiving support from the facility. The concept of a residential peer run facility is a relatively new model in Madison..

The Tempe depot has a long established, publicly accessible museum inside; the Large does not. Thousands of people have visited the Bus Museum over the years and ‘connect’ with what it means. Only a handful of the general public have got within coo ee of the Large, so most people don’t understand what it is, where it actually is, or why they should be persuaded to be angry about its passing..

The laws that govern weights and measures are found in Chapter 22 of city ordinance. State laws are also enforced by the city and the state laws reference specific handbooks that were written by the National Conference on Weights and Measures. It is important to know that these handbooks are written and all changes done in cooperation with private companies such as scale manufacturers, gas pump manufacturers and the consumer commodity industries.

Spotify has earlier patented another technology that can recommend music to users based on their personal traits. This patent aimed to categorise users under different personality models like openness, agreeableness, extroversion, neuroticism, and conscientiousness. This type of a categorisation had raised some eyebrows because of the seemingly unsettling personality categorisation method used by Spotify..

Almost. Hedge funds need to BUY more GME stocks to cover their shorts, and so long as small retail investors (like WSB) continue to hold their stocks, the number of stocks available for hedge funds to buy are reduced, there simply isnt enough supply. GameStop could release more stocks, but that would only help the hedge funds who are trying to run them to bankruptcy..

Article content “Godmothered” isn’t the first time Disney has tweaked its own legacy. The movie has echoes of “Enchanted,” the 2007 live action princess movie in which a cartoon character crossed over into contemporary New York, but few of its charms. There, it was fun to see Amy Adams’ fish out of water routine, whereas Bell is mostly obnoxious as she does things like redecorate Mackenzie’s house as a medieval castle and flubs the spell for a stunning gown, conjuring instead some kind of ugly sleeping bag outfit.

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