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2nd) POSTAL SERVICE: I had heard concerns that the USPS could potentially suspend delivery in at least one neighborhood because of the overall condition of the streets after recent snow falls. I worked with US Representative Mark Pocan’s office and learned that the post office was indeed out in one neighborhood, taking pictures and accessing the condition of the streets to see if a future suspension of mail delivery might be warranted. Prior to the February 2nd melting and clearing, I had been assured that there were NOT plans to stop USPS delivery.

“This is a struggle that people are dealing with in all facets of life. Schools, businesses, places of worship. Everyone trying to figure out, can we reopen and do some of our activities and still mitigate risk? And I think it really important that we take the approach of trying to learn how to live with this pandemic as best we can,” he said at the time..

Yet recently some scientists have said too much emphasis has been placed on fomites. In a review of research published in The Lancet in July, Emanuel Goldman, a microbiologist at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, said some government advice about deep cleaning surfaces was “thin and probably flawed”. Most of the research at that point was carried out in controlled laboratory settings, using huge amounts of the virus, he said not necessarily a realistic environment.

Despite extensive research and discussion around the notion of medical professionalism, veterinary professionalism is an understudied area. The aim of this study was to define the concept of veterinary professionalism and analyse the hidden curriculum of a new veterinary school, in order to produce a new curriculum of professionalism.This study used a constructivist grounded theory method to develop the definition. An iterative approach, using interviews and focus groups, collected information from a range of stakeholders including veterinary surgeons, professional bodies, veterinary nurses and clients.

He’s the winningest coach in OHL history and a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame. He got his first pair of skates at the age of four, so 82 of his 86 years have been spent in hockey. It’s hard to imagine anyone who has more stories than Brian Kilrea, and he shares many of them in this podcast, including how to coach with humour, how to get over a bad loss, how to beat smothering defense with no offense, and what he really thinks of Dave Branch and Mark and Dale Hunter..

This study examines the growth, need for and demands on university industry collaborative (UIC) partnerships as a vehicle for the nations development through technological innovation. In Malaysia, gaps and weaknesses exist when compared to best practices, these limit the establishment and overall effectiveness of UICs. In the Malaysian context, UICs are by no means a new phenomenon, however the approaches adopted, the success stories and related issues have not received significant academic attention.

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