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>> Jim Acosta on Twitter: “Make no mistake. The president and his team had every opportunity to get this right. It took nearly 48 hours for WH to do what should have been done Saturday issue a full, respectful statement honoring McCain along with a proclamation that orders flags to fly at half staff.”.

In the midst of the greatest health crisis in living memory, the doctor responsible for helping to find a solution, a vaccine, says he was removed for challenging the nonsensical ideas of President Donald Trump about hydroxychloroquine. Dr. Rick Bright, head of the vaccine program, says he lost his job for demanding Trump’s ideas be subjected to rigorous testing..

Companies have an obligation to reasonably inspect and repair their electrical lines in order to discover and remedy hazards and defects. Electricity is not only dangerous, even deadly, but it is invisible, noiseless, and odorless, rendering it impossible to detect the presence of the peril until the fatal work is done. He said that as result of the lawsuit, the co op overhauled their line inspection program..

Christi was learning the wine trade at E Gallo when Cupid landed on her shoulder in the name of Dave Ficeli. During the courtship, the lovebirds stopped at a Napa Valley wine bar and got caught up in the bartender’s exuberant description of a syrah. Over dinner one night, they dreamed of creating a cabernet sauvignon that could evoke an equal reaction..

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Many hundreds of us have been writing to this paper since the early days of the pandemic indicating exactly the same thing. Masking up and social distancing is one thing but these lockdowns are going to kill many more of us as time moves on. It’s time for (Premier Jason) Kenney and his cohorts to stop surrounding themselves will single minded people who have not studied the real medical and social effects of lockdowns.

This search included Medline, Embase, BIOSIS, and the methodological database from the Cochrane Collaboration up to July 2000. In addition, the members of the steering committee examined reference lists of retrieved articles, searched personal files, and contacted other experts in the field of diagnostic research. They reviewed all relevant publications and extracted an extended list of potential checklist items.Subsequently, the STARD steering committee convened a two day consensus meeting for invited experts from the following interest groups: researchers, editors, methodologists, and professional organisations.

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