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They said if I’d use 6.5k to pay down existing credit to below 50% and then use the other 3.5k for their fee that they could get me between 40k and 60k in the “first round”. If it’s ok with you Doug I will also post on this thread to see how our results vary considering our different starting points. My plan is to refi once I get enough renovations done to get a conventional loan.

This myth is actually supposed to be true. Christians believe that God made the world in six days and the seventh day is a day of rest, which is Sunday or the Sabbath. Sunday is actually the busiest day for many people. I bought one as well and have yet to receive it. After I paid the $138 shipping (to Texas), a friend tipped me off to their FAQ page where they advertising free shipping for preorders. Http: By my calculations, I paid an extra $58 for the privilege of funding them on the second day of their Kickstarter.

ZWICKER, Robert Kenton (Major) I was born January 23, 1932 in Bridgewater NS. I was PTG (Promoted to Glory) with my loving family at my side on Friday, June 7, 2013 at the Peterborough Regional Health Centre. I was predeceased by my first wife, Garda (Morison) on Nov.

This stuff has happened in Haiti; that’s where the word “zombie” comes from. There are books about it, the most famous ones by Dr. Wade Davis (Passage of Darkness and The Serpent and the Rainbow). “She’s got some really great ideas. She knows the visual style. She knows what she’s trying to say in the sequence.

Activision notes that over 16,000 stores around the world participated in midnight launches for the title. The game was also on top of social media with Black Ops II trending in 23 cities around the world. The company also notes that its wonderful live action trailer has now been viewed more than 30 million times on YouTube..

Policing itself is often not the answer for black, Indigenous and racialized people. Most recently, we’ve lost trust in the Ottawa police after seeing the 2016 death of Abdirahman Abdi and a confrontation with a black teenager in 2019. In 2017, a security guard in Virginia killed a Chinese senior playing the mobile app game Pokmon Go.

Our family had nice Christmases, but with six kids in the house, the higher extravagances of the Wish Book eluded our grasp. I spent one December pining for a table size replica of the Alamo a trophy that did not, despite my desperate longing for it, materialize on Christmas morn. Thanks to the Internet, a cabinet of wonders I could not have imagined as a boy, I recently went online and found The Alamo waiting for me on page 584 of the Wish Book’s digitally reproduced 1972 edition, as tantalizing as ever..

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