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For Jane, the Saturn/ Uranus conflict of energies we mentioned earlier does begin to explain things: they are conjunct each other in the 1st in Taurus, giving us a picture of wholly disparate inclinations the rules v. Rebellion, individuality v. These two also sit conjunct Pluto, Mercury, and the Sun, making for a complex that shows a powerful (Pluto) need tocommunicate (Mercury)the Soul (Sun) intents materially (Taurus) suggests that Jane very deliberately chose the messages she sent was nothing accidental about herpath or her behavior..

Boys: Alex Armeli, Hudson Coldren (Cardinal Gibbons); Luke Tanner, Jack Tanner (Cooper City); James Ryan Cooper, Immanuel Olmos, (Coral Springs); Carlos Pina, Mingi Soon (Cypress Bay); Kevin Gomez, Kodiak Kinbacher (Northeast); Patrick Wolfe, Elio Rivera (Nova); Garrett Moore, Shane Schulte (Pompano Beach); Oakley Skove (South Broward); Seth Berke, Will Oliver (St. Andrew’s); Manuel Soto (St. Thomas Aquinas); Roy Weissman (Western); Trent Shaw (Westminster Academy)Mar.

The Best Brothers: This play premired at Stratford in 2012 and has been produced since on the West Coast and in Toronto. The production at Victoria’s Belfry Theatre this winter starred John Ullyatt and Ron Pederson as the play’s pair of feuding siblings, an architect and a real estate agent, thrown together to make arrangements following the death of their free spirited mother. Shadow’s production, Oct.

Worse still was the youngest victim, Mary Kelly, who was found mutilated beyond recognition in her bed. The body was partially skinned, and the abdominal cavity had been opened and all organs removed. Mary’s landlord John McCarthy described the scene as he found it:.

Whhhy? Just Whhhhy are you writing about codpieces?! One day I found myself with a friend, standing in a stranger’s apartment, dressed to the hilt rocking a preposterously fluffy blonde mullet wig and knee high me boots, holding in my hand a series of unfortunate socks. You see earlier that week I had been invited to a 1980’s themed party and I immediately thought to myself, “Oh! Oh! I am going as the Goblin King!!” I found a pair of leggings about thirty times too small and squeezed into them before discussing the sock situation. Why not be historically accurate? “We totally need an intensely obnoxious codpiece for this ensemble.” That’s’ when I was told codpiece was not a normal vocabulary word and that I, as a thirty something year old woman, had an intensely questionable sense of humor.

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