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We have absolutely no clue. Brutality. Reprehensible. No one could forget the bemused smirk on Vladimir Putin’s face when Femen protesters “attacked” him. He was with Chancellor Angela Merkel in his visit to Germany when a bare chested woman came rushing in. Rather than to tell Putin that he is a dictator (and shout insults), I still can’t figure out the whole point of the “protest”.

When Paul left Cleveland for The Bronx, he did so with a piece of the team. That gave him instant leverage in dealing with Steinbrenner and his whims, and the 16 months he ran the Yankees solo while Steinbrenner served his first suspension in 1974 helped, too. He built the core of the team that won the 1976 AL pennant, and he finally earned a World Series ring in 1977..

“Kurt’s the guy who seems to be knocking everyone down and hacking a lot,” Latrell Sprewell said after the Knicks’ last practice at Island Garden today. “He’s the banger and the bruiser. He’s sort of taken Oakley’s place. According to the paradigm, masculinity is savage and feminity is cultivated. Whenever a woman shows signs of savagery, she has lost her feminity; whenever a man shows signs of culture, he has lost his masculinity. The woman who likes football and working on cars, on this paradigm, must be a tomboy; the man who likes poetry and baking must be a sissy..

The proper way to vent a fish is by inserting the venting tool into the fish’s body cavity just behind the pectoral fin. Penetrate only far enough to allow the gases to escape, you’ll know when this happens as you will actually hear the air hiss as it escapes. Never vent a fish with a knife or by piercing the swim bladder, as this more often than not leads to death for the fish.

“She and I continued to hang out and began sending good morning texts,” she said. “Then we made dinner and watched Orange Is the New Black. Then we vented and supported each other. I could write an essay on any name you could give me. Trying to pin one of those on my child would be very difficult.Follow Stephanie Pappas on Twitter and Google+. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed..

1) I always recommend to my friends to give Cortana more than a 5 second consideration especially if they Windows users. Since Cortana primarily uses Bing, there always a hesitation but it surprisingly fun and an effective AI “assistant.” I still working on understanding the Office 365 capabilities, as I discover some cool ones here and thereExample that blew away a colleague at work using a Surface Pro: “Cortana I trying to find an Excel function to do X Y. What should I use?” Not only did Bing find a serviceable answer, but because we made the search while Excel was opened, the function was auto populated in the highlighted cell.2) Some of the Bing cognitive intelligence APIs are pretty cool and pretty available to anyone.

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