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For someone that has played in the higher leagues in ESEA, 99% of the hours were focused mainly on perfecting strats, coming up with new strats and improving our team dynamics.”Every FPS is a poor spectator experience, honestly. A huge part of CS:GO matches end up being who wins aim duels, and after a little bit of “oh these pro are so good” the novelty wears off and it not fun to watch.” This is literally what you said, which tells me you have absolutely no experience in more advanced CS.”Even the most strategic minded pro has amazing aim. I never said anything close to “aim is all that matters”.”This is just incredibly incorrect, please look up Pronax or Fifflaren.

Here one other highly ironic example: Any legally married couple in Arkansas can file with the county clerk to convert their marriage to a covenant marriage, as Mike and Janet Huckabee did some years ago. But under existing law, a county clerk is prohibited from allowing a couple married legally in, say, Massachusetts from converting to covenant marriage status in Arkansas. That is discriminatory on its face under the full faith and credit approach that has always governed how Arkansas viewed legal marriages from other states.

Forget that place. I lied and said I would. Then we prayed the rosary.. In Nguyen’s questioning, he pointed out Mask is charged with sexual assault of a child. The defense asked Mask about collaborating with Armstead to get a lighter sentence for their offenses, but Mask said, “No we didn’t, we didn’t come together. He wrote the letter and asked me to read it and sign it.”.

Alternately rollicking (“Hey Ahab”) and reflective (“The Hands of Angels,” which alludes to Russell’s frail health), The Union is no mere nostalgia trip: Among other things, it’s John’s clearly sincere attempt to return his hero to a spotlight Russell hasn’t occupied in more than three decades. John used to open for Russell in concert, but this isn’t just overdue payback, either; both men seem invigorated here, with Russell sounding lively (he underwent brain surgery mere weeks before The Union was recorded, but you wouldn’t know it) and John atoning for many recent excursions into watery soft pop balladry. Rough around the edges collaboration suits both men just fine..

The five demands are risk assessments, an end to work assessments during the pandemic, extra time to plan, prepare and assess students work, and an agreed pay progression. Reps are told to “secure a commitment to automatic pay progression at the end of this academic year. Where possible, win a commitment for this policy to be permanent”.

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