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To get past the stage door entrance of the Queen theater, you need a negative COVID 19 test and a particular type of N95 mask. You have to promise not to eat or drink inside, and answer a questionnaire about your recent whereabouts, and then comes the Secret Service protocol (the sweep, the wands). Once you in, the floors normally sticky with spilled drinks are instead dotted with distance marking tape for reasons that are obvious: this is where President elect Joe Biden is basing his transition, and President elect Biden takes COVID 19 very, very seriously..

What is Human Trafficking? Human trafficking is the recruiting, enticing, harboring, transporting or obtaining a person for the purposes of commercial sex through fraud, force or coercion. Its usage has increased in recent years as people in law enforcement and social service have sought to draw a distinction between prostitution in which the person selling sex is more or less freely choosing to do so and the more common situation in which a pimp is controlling and profiting from the person who is delivering the sex. (source MPD).

A three degree of freedom manipulator is designed and fabricated to execute shots. The design enables the manipulator to position the cue on the ball accurately and strike with controlled speeds. The manipulator is controlled from a PC via a microcontroller board.

He won over celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson, the owner of Red Rooster, on the ABC show “The Taste” and has globe trotted ever since, working in several of Samuelsson’s restaurants.Tristan Epps, the chef de cuisine of Red Rooster in Overtown, presents his Caribbean stewed whole fish. Each week a different African American/Caribbean region will be highlighted at Red Rooster. (Michael Laughlin/Sun Sentinel)Epps’ February menu changes each week to encapsulate four different stops on the treacherous path from Africa to America and the Caribbean and the food born from it along the way.”I think it’s important to know your history in order to try and serve it,” said Epps, who describes African cuisine as the soul in soul food.”It isn’t taught.

BUT those who stand for hate, discord and disregard for human life cannot, must not and should not be tolerated by us. Silence is consent. It does not have to be this way. Another sign of spring that is new this year is that of professional soccer on the pitch at Breese Stevens Field. Madison Forward FC played their first home game in snowy conditions in late April (the frozen tundra of Breese?), with attendance at around 4,500 people. This marks a significant achievement in the adaptive repurposing of an historic asset in our parks system.

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