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2 and should be completed by 12pm Feb. 3. It is anticipated that Mifflin will have only one lane open during that time, so if you do use that route you might want to think about an alterative, particularly for cars.. Are you considering graduate school? Do you wonder what computer science research looks like? computer science is an extremely diverse discipline, containing many exciting research areas, and a doctoral graduate degree is the best way to begin your research career. This talk will give an overview of different fields in computer science research, and discuss human computer interaction (HCI) research in depth. We will cover the graduate school experience, especially what life is like for a PhD student, the expectations of grad school, and the thrilling world of publishing research.

The proposal would increase the base funding for K 12 schools by 1.25% during the first year and 2.5% in the second year of the budget that would start in July. That would mean about $378 million more for school funding over the two years, virtually the same as proposed last month by Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb..

Mobile Wallets: If you could use your cell phone as a credit card, would you? Everyone from Apple and Google to Nokia want to make that a reality and tap into the mobile payments market. Both Apple and Google are exploring this opportunity. Google bought mobile payments startup Zetawire to gain experience and the latest Android phone, the Nexus S, comes with an NFC chip the same kind that is embedded into credit cards and lets you pay by waving it over a wireless reader.

Your cat might actually help with this.To be fair, I still forget to do the litter box on occasion but that is just going to happen. I would still set alarms. Personally, I would actually set 2 alarms 10 minutes apart reminding about the litter box and set the alarms to very different sounds.I have 2 cats that are well taken care of.

Jesse Kremer, R Kewaskum, body camera footage would remain confidential unless it shows death, injury, arrest or searches. If the footage was recorded in a location where the individual has a “reasonable expectation of privacy,” such as a home, law enforcement would have to get written consent from victims, witnesses and owners of the location. The footage would have to be kept for a minimum of 120 days..

Under the proposal, two thirds of voters would have to approve amendments, up from the current 60 percent. The amendment was approved by voters in November. Byron Donalds, R Naples, that would make changes to teacher preparation and teacher certification requirements.

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