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The ALRC will hold its annual separated license renewal hearing meeting on Thursday. Every alcohol license expires in June and the vast majority are approved at a Council meeting in June. The special meeting provides an opportunity to review problematic licenses.

Connecticut wildlife experts, including Barry Chernoff, Professor of Biology and Earth and Environmental Sciences at Wesleyan University, and some lawmakers are worried that commercial hunting of snapping turtles in this state could be depleting this ancient creature’s population to dangerously low levels. A bill is now before the General Assembly to place new controls on the numbers of turtles that can be taken to satisfy market demands in China and other Asian nations. Chernoff is pictured in his office at Wesleyan.

The center, if approved, would provide for basic needs such as private, accessible showers; storage space for personal items; laundry facilities; and space to stay cool and keep warm, etc. The offer to purchase will need to be approved by the Dane County Board and they will need to receive a conditional use approval from the City Plan Commission and, likely, approval by the City Urban Design Commission. If approved, Dane County plans to open the comprehensive day resource center in October 2016.Consent agenda The consent agenda includes many agenda items that come to a vote without testimony or Council discussion.

Starting in 2019, Clean Streets/Clean Lakes (CSCL) areas in District 6 were extended to include most of the Atwood neighborhood. As of today, the program now includes all of District 6. Check out the Snow Emergency Zone map. “[The] reason for the name is that it basically stands for overcoming the limits that our minds can often put on us,” uMaNg says. “We chain and shackle ourselves, fall victim to our own state of mind. This album is me overcoming anxiety and depression that prevents me from doing me, being in my element of creativity.” The album joins four other full lengths that were all released in rapid succession by the dedicated artist: 2011’s The First Impression LP, the 2012 follow up Lasting Impressions, 2013’s The Revisited and 2014’s The Black Rose Certificate.

But for men, the options are considerably more narrow. Unless you want to do the mankini or a similar gender bending look a la the Milan shows, the everyday guy doesn have a lot of choice. The summer uniform I see the most on men goes like this: a cargo short (or, scarier yet, an awkward jort) a polo or youthful graphic tee, and a flip flop..

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