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The coronavirus continues to spread rapidly in many parts of the world at the start of 2021, despite the deployment of vaccines that could eventually defeat the pandemic and new lockdown measures in many nations. More than 2 million people have died of covid 19, the disease caused by the virus, since it first emerged in Wuhan, China, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. It took only a few months for the novel coronavirus to spread to the far corners of the globe.

The Outer Banks Voice spoke to a number of people, officials and otherwise, in an effort to try and get a sense of how many people might currently be in our area in violation of entry restrictions. It’s perhaps not a surprise that some refused to comment, others declined to speak for public attribution and still others answered cautiously, sometimes evasively. Those we talked to said there was no real sense of the number of such people who might be here now.

East Hartford Mayor Marcia Leclerc won’t seek reelection after a decade in office, she announced Thursday. In a letter to the East Hartford Democratic Town Committee, Leclerc cited the attention required to help guide the town through the coronavirus pandemic. “It would be unfair to those that elected me to spend one minute distracted from the task of managing this crisis and leading the town through the resulting consequences,” she wrote.

Votes made in the competition can either be free or purchased. Purchased votes will benefit MusiCares, a charity that provides a safety net of critical assistant for music people in times of need. According to the Recording Academy’s website, services and resources provided by MusiCares cover a wide range of financial, medical and personal emergencies..

10.) This is a DIPPING sub, not a sub to find advice on how to quit or to post that you are quitting. If you are looking for advice on how to quit, do it somewhere else. If you want us to feel bad for you while you try and quit, do it somewhere else..

I try to be objective. We had a terrible time with rotten deals and being banned from America. It’s easy to write a story, write down as a script what happened to us. I have asked our Director of Public Health if she intends to put forward a mandatory face covering order. If she will not, I plan to introduce such a requirement by ordinance at our next common council meeting. Please wear a face covering if you enter a confined space shared by others or if you will be within 6′ of others outdoors..

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