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Proposed items include disabling manual text entry, video based entertainment and video phone calls and prohibiting the display of text messages, social media or web pages while the car is in motion or in gear. The objective is to keep the driver’s eyes off the road for no more than two seconds at a time, and 12 seconds in total. That 12 second limit would be achieved by only allowing a driver six inputs or touches of the screen within a dozen seconds, but it would include activities beyond phone calls and nav inputs, like changing the radio station or using the climate control.

The decision to target military veterans as employees could help Uber blunt criticisms in its effort to win over local governments skeptical of the company. Last June, for example,Cambridge challenged Uber’s legality in court. Local taxi companies, too, have been vocal in their criticism of the fact that Uber does not have to deal with the same amount of regulation..

The combination of slowing global growth of high end phones and weaker than expected Chinese demand has already led to some analysts penciling in a steep, 21% sales decline for iPhones from a seasonally strong Christmas quarter to a seasonally weak March quarter. The March quarter is always soft, but it may be spectacularly weak for Apple considering that the company already missed its December quarter iPhone volume expectations by nearly 5 million units. A particular problem for Apple is that its new China distribution drive raised expectations for strong 2014 volumes but smartphone sales growth in urban China started slowing down with startling speed over this winter..

Seventy per cent of health care workers who participated in a Statistics Canada survey released last week reported worsening mental health as a result of working during the pandemic. Approximately 18,000 health care workers around the country filled out a questionnaire between Nov. 24 and Dec.

9. 57108 630 648 E Washington Avenue and 12 N Blount Street; 2nd Ald. Dist.: Consideration of a demolition permit to demolish an existing mission house building and auto sales facility; consideration of a conditional use in the Traditional Employment (TE) District for a mission house; consideration of a conditional use in the TE District for community/counseling services; consideration of a parking reduction; and consideration of a conditional use in the TE district for multi family dwellings, all to allow construction of a five story building with a mission house, counseling services, health services and a place of worship along E Washington Avenue, and a separate three story, 40 unit apartment building along E MIfflin Street..

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