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Alders are now getting canned emails from people who are echoing former Chief of Police Mike Koval’s call for 31 new officers: “You can make a difference. Madison needs more police (Chief Koval says 31 more). We do NOT need a $200,000 full time police critic whose only job will be to second guess every police officer.

Belong to a generation that is stepping forward right now, he says in the video released Wednesday. The generation that lived through school shootings, that served in the wars after 9/11, and we the generation that stands to be the first to make less than our parents unless we do something different. We can just polish off a system so broken.

4. Cut. 5. The clinic is set off at the edge of Buffalo near an old red barn with flaking paint. Dozens of emergency vehicles and law enforcement officers carrying guns were on the scene, setting up a perimeter. TV footage showed little activity at the clinic itself, but several shattered plate glass windows could be seen.

Men can be tough to buy for, since all too many of them prefer sports paraphernalia above all else, and buying Mr. Right another Red Sox T shirt would be mind numbing at best. This Valentine Day, Thomas Pink comes to the rescue with playful Alex Check plaid boxers, $40, and the Howard Neat Tie in silk, $105, shown here in black, but available in other colors, too..

I still got a mortgage to pay.” Added burden of stress and isolation For rotational workers, it not just the financial burdens or the loss of time, but also the emotional strain. Between the two days of added travel time on either end, as well as the mandatory minimum eight days of isolation when returning home to the island, said Hancock, that doesn leave much time for workers to be with their families. “You got time home, but you not allowed to do anything.

An example may illustrate the point. Taking the numbers from Moody rule of thumb, let assume that the equipment is worth $800 at the beginning of the lease/purchase and declines linearly in value to zero over 15 years. That would represent an annual decline in value of about $53 per year (800/15).

It was not clear exactly how many vaccine doses were initially provided to the five nursing homes where vaccinations began Friday. The state initially planned for the first vaccine shipments for nursing homes about 16,575 doses to be transported to CVS and Walgreens distribution centers by Monday and then sent to long term care facilities throughout the state. Began this week in West Virginia and Florida..

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