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At the August 11 meeting of the Plan Commission, the PC unanimously voted to approve the conditional use application of Joe Krupp to demolish an office building and construct a four story mixed use building with 3014sf of commercial space, 32 dwelling units and 36 parking stalls at 2158 Atwood Ave. The parcel is zoned Traditional Shopping District (TSS). The proposal required four conditional use approvals: for construction of a four story building; for construction of a mixed use building exceeding 25,000sf; approval of over 24 dwelling units; and to modify the upper story setback required next to a residential zoning district (to address concerns of neighbors on Division St, the setback on the north side of the building was increased and the required rear yard height transition requirement adjacent to a church in a residential district was modified)..

The second demo is all about parking. Visa imagines a world where parking meters have Bluetooth LE or some similar technology. When your car enters Park mode, it’ll automatically detect which space you’re in, tell you about your tariff options ($2 for 20 minutes, $5 for an hour, etc.) and let you make a payment with one click.

He was battered by a string of high profile misses, such as the flopped IPO for office sharing firm WeWork. The problems forced him to sell assets, and led some to ask if he lost his touch for investments. Now the gains follow a sea change at SoftBank mammoth Vision Fund investment unit.

1. Cool, lightweight and soft, these swim shorts will keep their colour and can easily be worn for a week. Swimming costumes ages 3 12. Wear a pair of moisture wicking underwear like these boxers from Saxx, which expel sweat to the outside of the fabric so that it can evaporate. But, before you slip them on, coat the area with a tapioca starch cream like this one from Anthony cosmetics, which creates a barrier between your skin and your clothes, protecting you from sitting in a metaphorical sauna. This combo is the best way to avoid a nasty bout of jock itch..

This one can be a red flag, especially in new players. They take this thinking it will make them safe from everything, but there are plenty of ways to find an invisible creature even without senses that Counter Concealment. (“Are the creature attacks Subtle? No? Okay, I take a shot at where I saw that energy beam come from.

This skirt was the perfect option for Christmas Day brunch, and I still in shock as to where I purchased it. I not a huge vintage or consignment store shopper whatsoever, but when spotting it in the window of Second Time Around, a consignment shop in the Upper East Side, I gave in to trying it on, and then purchasing it for a mere $80. Tangerine has been quite the popular color this year, and I like how it evokes a tint of rose gold.

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