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Noticed that we were being hired to load pods, and we realized that we had the infrastructure to do this ourselves, and maybe even improve on the concept, Rodik said of the company decision to create their storage cubes. When people call, they are happy to find out they can hire us to both provide the labor and the container in one shot. It the best way to store on your property..

The City County Homelessness Issues Committee is receiving a regarding plans for administering COVID 19 vaccines to people experiencing homelessness at their meeting on Monday.The Board of Health for Madison and Dane County will be receiving an on the activities of the Public Health Violence Prevention Unit at its meeting on Wednesday.Police Civilian Oversight Board Begins Preparation for Independent Police Monitor (IM) Hiring ProcessThe Police Civilian Oversight Board is meeting on Thursday to being training and preparation for the IM hiring process.The spring primary election is Tuesday, February 16. Find out everything you need to know about voter ID, voting absentee, voter registration, where you vote and more on the City Clerk’s Elections Voting page.Events, activities, seminars, etc.The swearing in ceremony for Dr. Shon F.

The 84 year old Francis hit those themes in his lengthy address, which was delivered in a larger reception hall than usual to provide greater social distancing for the 88 ambassadors who attended. At the end, Francis invited each one up but said he wouldn shake their hands and urged them to keep their distance. Francis has been vaccinated against the virus..

The borders around the screen are still fairly thick so you don’t really get an edge to edge feeling, but that’s not a bad thing. It means you can hold the iPad Air (2020) with one hand and not worry about your palm covering the screen or triggering actions inadvertently. It takes a while to get used to using iPhone style swipe gestures rather than hitting a Home button..

Joe Neguse, D Colo.”This was not just a speech,” he said.Trump’s supporters were prepped and armed, ready to descend on the Capitol, Neguse said. “When they heard his speech, they understood his words.”Security remained extremely tight Wednesday at the Capitol, fenced off with razor wire and patrolled by National Guard troops.White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Biden would not be watching the trial.”Joe Biden is the president, he’s not a pundit, he’s not going to opine on back and forth arguments,” she said.The difficulty facing Trump became apparent at the start as they leaned on the process of the trial, unlike any other, rather than the substance of the case against the former president.As the House impeachment managers described police officers maimed in the chaos and rioters parading in the very chamber where the trial was being held, Trump’s team countered that the Constitution doesn’t allow impeachment at this late date.Even though the Senate rejected that argument in Tuesday vote to proceed to the trial, the legal issue could resonate with Senate Republicans eager to acquit Trump without being seen as condoning hisbehaviour.Defencelawyer Bruce Castor said Tuesday he shifted his planned approach after hearing the prosecutors’ emotional opening and instead spoke conversationally to the senators, saying Trump’s team would denounce the “repugnant” attack and “in the strongest possible way denounce the rioters.” He encouraged the senators to be “cool headed” as they assessed the arguments.Trump attorney Schoen turned the trial toward starkly partisan tones, arguing the Democrats were fueled by a “base hatred” of the former president.A frustrated Trump on Tuesday revived his demands to focus on his unsupported claims of voter fraud, repeatedly telephoning former White House aide Peter Navarro, who told The Associated Press in an interview he agrees. He is calling on Trump to fire his legal team.”If he doesn’t make a mid course correction here, he’s going to lose this Super Bowl,” Navarro said, a reference to public opinion, not the unlikely possibility of conviction.Republicans made it clear that they were unhappy with Trump’sdefence, many of them saying they didn’t understand where it was going particularly Castor’s opening.While six Republicans joined with Democrats to vote to proceed with the trial, the 56 44 vote was far from the two thirds threshold of 67 votes that would be needed for conviction.

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