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A resolution being discussed that would nullified a tie vote on the issue, a scenario Republicans have been concerned about. A 50 50 vote would hand the decision over to the presiding officer in the Senate, who is Chief Justice John Roberts.’I think we’ll avoid it,’ Republican Senator Mike Braun told reporters during a dinner break.Democrats want to call former National Security Adviser John BoltonBraun said Republicans were working on a measure on witnesses that interpret a 50 50 vote as a vote for no additional witnesses to be called. That means Roberts would not have to cast a tie breaking vote.’I think he’d probably take an out because it gets political at that point,’ Braun said.Republican leadership have been talking to their lawmakers about the vote on additional witnesses, using the dinner hour tacos were served to take the temperature of their lawmakers on the issue.Senators Lamar Alexander and Lisa Murkowski were spotted meeting together during the dinner break.

Sound of musicWhen they started The Light Years Explode, they were a garage punk rock band and still maintain the same essence. Have evolved as musicians, but the principles of the band have remained the same. For example, we an energetic band who give energetic performances, say Aaron and Saurabh.

A chic pair of sunglasses is a must have in every girl’s style closet, as it is that one accessory that can instantly transform one’s look. And with so many trendy designs available, you will always look for reasons to get your hands on yet another pair of shades to add to your collection. Kareena steals the show in an oversized square sunglasses that she teams with her tights and sports bra along with a blue denim shirt..

The Importance of Sunglasses For WomenOne of the most essential reasons is that the branded ones help in protecting the eyes from the heat and the harmful UV rays of the sun. If you need healthier eyes for longer, you should seek to buy your pair with immediate effect. Well, this was the sole purpose till few years back.

In addition, that’s only one use case for AR. It isn’t really meant for watching YouTube on a virtual screen it’s about calling up information and imagery that’s relevant to what you’re looking at. Feeling hungry while walking near a Shake Shack? Smart glasses should be able to direct you with arrows, show you a menu and let you call in your order..

Unfortunately, Bulbbul is stuck in a drab, inert, and ridiculous film, the kind whose plot you can entirely predict after watching the first few minutes. It’s only the film’s characters except for Bulbbul who fail to see otherwise, to the point where it all feels like a giant prank, as if they are merely pretending to act oblivious. Bulbbul a period supernatural tale set in Bengal centres on the folklore of chudail, a woman who rises from the dead (with inverted legs) after an unnatural death.

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