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Ive always thought Wilcox could become a stud and statistically he matches up to Eric Weddle. More than anything, it was knowing the scheme the Marinelli runs can bring it all together, no matter who is out there. Logically, reasonably that team would be able to make some turnovers and stops, get off the field, and let the power run game chew the clock.

Huber father, John, told the judge during the hearing that he thinks Rittenhouse bail should be set at $4 million. In his first intervention since Beijing announced the ban, Tim Davie said that countries such as China were now trying to expand their “control of information”. Mr Davie, who took up the post of director general in the autumn, said it was of “deep concern” that China was preventing the BBC from doing its job.

Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway approved the selection of Angela Trudell Vasquez to be the 7th poet selected as Madison’s Poet Laureate. At A Room of One’s Own Bookstore, 315 W Gorham St., Madison WI 53703. The. Yeah, I’m also a bit confused about this. Like is having big events at the mayors house in hart of Dixie not ok because it’s a plantation, even though Levon is the one throwing the parties? Are the belles not okay but the DAR is fine? Like we can’t actually pretend that just because Gilmore girls takes place in New England that everything with their history is dandy. Idk I’ve also been watching a lot of murder she wrote recently and damn that lady visits a lot of plantations, but also it was filmed so long ago that it shows up as a square on my tv, so do we just view that as a product of its time? Someone in a thread a few days ago was talking about gone with the wind in a similar manner and I get that fiction and real people should be judged differently, but clearly things like the belles and the DAR exist in real life, so it all just seems like a big grey area to me at the moment..

The first safeguard against tyre heating is to maintain proper inflation. “Optimum air pressure in tyres must be maintained for proper control. If it is below the correct limit, the tyre footprint will be more, and can result in overheating due to friction.

He also won it on the last day. He did it all during the streak of 11, one of the greatest streaks in all of sports. Angel just dominated the Spa like nobody before him, and likely like no one after him.. This should be punishable by ban :DFordGT90ConceptDirectX Raytracing is just a framework for doing raytracing on GPU. It doesn’t say how. DXR isn’t going to replace dynamic lighting in games for decades.

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