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Reps. Lawmakers are making a renewed push in Congress to ban collectors and vendors from exporting Native American ceremonial items. Reps. Katy Henriksen Trillium Salon Series founder, Arkansas Times contributor and former host of KUAF Note with Katy Henriksen launched a deep diving new podcast series this year called Off,” with in depth conversations about “music that challenges the status quo hybrid sounds that fall through the cracks because they aren easily labeled,” a December release states. “Whether it a classical flute and electronic music project that takes on police brutality and race, or a mix of poetry, pop and chamber music, Sound Off explores creativity at the intersection of art, music and literature, and digs into what that work and the people making it tell us about art and life in the 21st century.” Find it wherever you find your podcasts. SS.

Not only does every workout not have to be an all out effort, it really shouldn’t be. You’ll make greater gains in the long run if you vary your intensity and even take a day or two off every so often. Here’s how to avoid overtraining and signs you’re addicted to working out..

Second, reason for the amendment was intentionally to separate the long term vision of the expansion of Elver Park that distracted from THE 1 GOAL OF OPENING PARKEDGE/PARKRIDGE EMPLOYMENT CENTER IN THE FOURTH QUARTER OF 2018 WOULD BE COUNTEPRODUCTIVE. There is a “now” sense of urgency for the Employment Center serving in our neighborhoods of greatest needs. The PEPR Employment Center must not be distracted by voices that say “wait”.

Many found its sexual bondage scenes titillating, while others saw the book as a troubling depiction of BDSM relationships.But ‘Fifty Shades’ made its mark on the decade by taking the taboo and plastering it all over bookstores, best seller lists and bedside tables worldwide.The trilogy was adapted into a series of hit films co produced by James and a line of ‘Fifty Shades’ themed teddy bears, posters and erotic accessories.So . Did you read it? We won tell.Millions of readers ripped through Gillian Flynn thrilling tale of a missing wife, her suspicious husband and their seemingly blissful marriage suddenly shot to pieces.The novel spent 26 weeks on NPR hardcover bestseller list, sold more than 2 million copies in its first year and was adapted into a movie starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike.While the novel in its own right was a popular success, Flynn depiction of a woman driven to great lengths by the banality of her domestic life soon seemed to inspire many other thrillers, often featuring unreliable female narrators and with ‘Girl’ or ‘Woman’ in the title. Finn ‘The Woman in the Window.’ The ‘Gone Girl’ effect began a flood of suspense novels detailing the inner thoughts of women toeing the edge of reason and trying to convince readers of their motives.Pakastani activist Malala Yousafzai was a leading voice in the global fight for girls rights to education when she was shot in the head by the Taliban in 2012.The event, documented in her memoir ‘I Am Malala’ shook the world, leading to the denouncement of the Taliban actions by government leaders and human rights advocacy groups.

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