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The Maya used their mathematical knowledge along with celestial observations to refine and improved a calendar originally created by the Olmec. They created monuments to observe and commemorate movements of the moon, sun and Venus. They made paper from tree bark and wrote in books made from this paper, known as codices, four of which are known to have survived to today..

Here we tell you about the Breast Cancer which is growing at a very fast rate in today women, and if someone is suffering from this then what are the possible treatment for this and where can you avail this treatment. So we suggest that the moment you detect something unusual or offbeat you should visit a breast cancer surgeon in India. Panicking or getting stressed will not help you out.

It’s no wonder through the centuries women have developed their own special uses for honey in beauty treatments. Folklore depicts beauties such as Cleopatra, as having bathed in nothing but milk and honey, to a sure her skin would stay healthy and youthful. It was well known that honey held great healing properties, so naturally, it made good sense that one’s skin would benefit greatly from its application..

I had a number of favourite design trends from this past year, some of which I’m stoked to see transition into 2015 and get a new spin. There was a lot of diversity within 2014 dcor styles, which makes it fun to reinterpret popular ideas for a fresh take. From colour to hard finishes to textiles, 2015 design looks like it’s set to offer a beautiful amalgamation of styles that we have already seen and loved.

And headlines are exactly what they got. ‘Amy’ has been directed by BAFTA winner Asif Kapadia (‘Senna’, ‘The Warrior’, ‘Far North’) and produced by James Gay Rees (‘The Quiet Ones’, ‘Blackball’, ‘Senna’), and it features a breath taking collection of previously unseen early footage. The film is scheduled for release on July 3rd 2015, days ahead before the fourth anniversary of Amy’s death..

Tell him you can not flirt with him. It gone too far. You have too much respect for yourself and for his girlfriend to continue. Michelle, that is. Love how the lion head on faux ivory number gleams on my pinky. That China red and gold ring aint bad as well.

As a pro, Horn has lost twice in losing to Terence Crawford and Zerafa. Crawford is the only guy that Horn has faced that was better than him. Although Horn lost to Zerafa in the first fight, that was because he fought a poor fight by electing to slug with the bigger fighter at middleweight..

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