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“He had a hard fall but is doing very well and fine.”The women disagree with Black Lives Matter because the racial justice protesters do not necessarily oppose abortion.”They’re fraudulent hypocrites and I believe all lives matter because God created them,” Beatty told Fox News last month.The pair were arrested last month for protesting outside Planned Parenthood’s New York headquarters.The Black Lives Matter mural was painted on the famed avenue over the bitter objections of President Donald Trump, who called Black Lives Matter a hate group. It’s been vandalized three times in the past week. Bush pardons, not merely commutations, of six defendants relating to the Iran Contra scandal, four of whom were already convicted or had pleaded guilty.

The Police Department has been addressing the issue of traffic crashes through a multi faceted approach. They identify the areas with the highest number of crashes and increase traffic enforcement activities in those problem areas. Also, the Police Department took advantage of a Governor Highway Safety Office grant which helped fund putting additional officers on the street to combat impaired driving.

With majority of us being at home right now, common settlement points around the house rotate between the living room TV, laptop in the bedroom and tablet in bed. You know it’s true. Whether to work from home, watch a new show or do a video call to your friends, screens are all the face time you are getting these days.

We arrived by late afternoon and were stunned by the sweeping views on the valley below from both the hotel halls and our own rooms. We visited the town the night of our arrival and the morning after, and we were able to leave our luggage at the hotel and the car in the private parking lot even after checking out, till we left in the early afternoon. The only unpleasant part was that the night of our arrival our daughter inadvertently left her Ray Ban sunglasses on a couch in one of the common halls, and when the next morning we went back looking for them they were gone.

She set many other records, wrote best selling books about her flying experiences, and was instrumental in the formation of The Ninety Nines, an organization for female pilots. In 1921 she bought her first plane, a Kinner Airster, and two years later she earned her pilot’s license. In the mid 1920s Earhart moved to Massachusetts, where she became a social worker at the Denison House, a settlement home for immigrants in Boston.

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