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The principal remembered Holmquist as a strong player, an avid sportsman who loved to hunt and fish, a young man committed to succeeding. He graduated in 2008; the Pentagon said he enlisted in January 2009 and was serving as an automotive maintenance technician. He had completed two deployments as part of Operation Enduring Freedom..

“It was certainly a difficult decision for us.”While Shikada said that he had consulted the council about his decisions, in the case of the curfew the consultation was “not sufficient.””I will not claim to have taken every step perfectly,” Shikada said. “At the same time, I believe our team has really acted with the full and complete best interest of the Palo Alto community at every step along the way and will continue to do so.”He also said that he and Police Chief Robert Jonsen had both determined that the conditions that had warranted the curfew no longer apply.”We’re both comfortable that the events have gone in the right direction and we are not having further incidents or concerns that justified the original establishment (of the curfew),” he said.In an environment where people are already anxious about aggressive and abusive use of police power, the City Council and the City Manager seem to have missed the point entirely: limited duration, time, geography and scope on a proper cufew not the entire city, at the dinner hour and for ten days. It’s amazing how callous they have been with resident rights.

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Rice case draws attention Rice showing up at a news conference with his wife, Janay, beside him to address the public “was horrifying,” she said. “Most victims want to keep this very private. They don’t want people to know the depth of sadness, danger and confusion they are dealing with.

Last month, Wolf expanded the state’s mask order and has called for residents to wear face coverings whenever leaving the home. Wolf has also advised residents to stay home as much as possible and to refrain from traveling, including during the holidays. Wolf and health officials have also advised against holding large holiday gatherings in homes..

The website will prompt the voter to enter their name and date of birth. Once the voter’s registration information appears on the screen, the voter should look for a status of “You are Registered to Vote!” and should verify that the current address listed is accurate. It is imperative that these voters click the green button to confirm their address, if accurate, or click the gray “Update Address” button to update their voter registration online.

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