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I see a lot of posts suggesting what FB should do about this (as if they have incentives to change things; they don but perhaps we should focus on informing end users about the dangers of ads and how to properly use an ad blocker. What would really be great is for the tech community to provide solutions that regular non techie users can use. Period.

The band shell shall be utilized during all amplified live music events, unless a large tent is in place for said event. 3. This license will be separated for 2018 renewal. TUESDAY On Tuesday at just after midday on Capitol Hill on the very floor where pro Trump insurrectionists had ransacked the seat of democracy the Democrat impeachment team opened their case. In front of a silent room of Senators they declared the former president was America Founding Fathers “worst nightmare come to life”. It was the opening shot in a week of dramatic testimony, neer seen before video clips, tears of despair, and angry rebuttals.

Really love the absolute lack of any fancy technicality in their drumming. All honor to the super skilled drummers out there, but it came of as real fresh hearing a band with such a bare bones, meat potatoes approach to their percussion. Really lets the riffs speak for themselves, and Leprophiliac really got Not a knock at their drummer in any way tough, he certainly got some chops.

Equinor shares have climbed 12% since the beginning of the year. Northern Ireland. Amid a dispute with Anglo Swedish drugmaker AstraZeneca, the EU introduced tighter rules on exports of COVID 19 vaccines that could hit shipments to nations like the United Kingdom.

PHONEOur tip line can be reached 24/7 by phone or regular text message. Leave a voicemail with relevant details, and any contact information you wish to share. If you concerned about remaining anonymous, consider calling from a pay phone, or using a prepaid “burner” phone purchased with cash, or use one of the more secure text messaging options below..

Computer enthusiasts are always after a PC chassis that will keep the hardware cool and operating efficiently but also looks good. A case maker called SSUPD, a sister company of Lian Li has unveiled a new high end PC chassis known as Meshlicious. The case is an ITX PC case built in collaboration with Ncase..

Lawmakers have raised questions over exactly what will happen after Lamont joined a multistate coalition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions . Connecticut has joined Massachusetts, Rhode Island and the District of Columbia in the Transportation and Climate Initiative Program that is designed to cut carbon emissions by at least 26% in the 10 year window from 2022 to 2032 in Connecticut. The initiative is a regional cap and trade plan to raise money to combat climate change by seeking wholesale reductions in motor vehicle pollution, which is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions..

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