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As a part of winter preparation we are working on defining essential workers and how we manage positive cases and/or close contacts within our work units. This requires a significant amount of discussion and review with staff, many of whom are more fearful than they had been regarding COVID infection rates. We have identified essential workers.

The SOS program is a Fellowship intended to strengthen the role of the Observatory in training new generations of telescope users. The program is available to successful observing programs for the VLA, VLBA, and ALMA (through the North American executive). SOS application deadlines and reviews are currently held separately for ALMA and VLA/VLBA programs.

“Clueless” (1995) Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd star in a high school romance that moves the “Emma” storyline from the early 19th century English countryside to late 20th century Beverly Hills. Silverstone and Rudd are likeable leads in this teen romance. Dan Hedaya plays Silverstone’s gruff, but loving father, who warns a potential suitor: “Anything happens to my daughter, I got a .45 and a shovel.

On the other hand, the constant need to juggle and control two languages enhances cognitive control abilities in bilinguals, such that they outperform monolinguals on tasks of executive processing and conflict resolution. This dissertation explores these cognitive changes associated with bilingualism, primarily through the use of a Stroop task. As it combines lexical processing with cognitive control, the Stroop task is a unique paradigm in which to investigate these abilities in bilinguals.

The notices from state governments could be a sign of the extent of identity theft in the nation state run unemployment systems. Unemployment benefits are taxable, so government agencies must send a tax form to people who received them. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli, File)SACRAMENTO, Calif.

Facebook brought a group of reporters to the new Building 23 at its Menlo Park headquarters to preview the changes today. But feedback was heavily critical as journalists grilled Facebook deputy chief privacy officer Rob Sherman. Questions centered around how Facebook makes accepting the updates much easier than reviewing or changing them, but Sherman stuck to talking points about how important it was to give users choice and information..

More than that, however, its role as a postal hub a distribution point for the local offices scattered throughout the region meant that it was very much a community hub as well. Some 17 years later, when Jones and his former business partner, having dabbled in beer brewing and opted for liquor, were looking for a place to house their new venture, they decided to set up shop in the old post office even though it would require no small amount of work. Asked why he didn’t just put up a new structure, Jones said it was simple: “Because there was no other building in town that said, ‘I love you.’ “.

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