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People on reddit, in general, are pretty into politics. We are extremely aware and perhaps even sensitive to the fact that the right likes to call neutral sources out as left wing. It sucks, because we know there is left wing biased media, and want to be able to have SOMETHING we can agree on.

“Black Sam” Bellamy was born in Devon in 1689 and joined the Royal Navy as a teenager. After a failed stint as a treasure hunter in North America, he turned to piracy, dubbing himself the “Robin Hood of the Sea” and reportedly serving aboard the Marianne alongside Edward Teach, the future Blackbeard. In 2018, Mr Sherman tracked down a living descendant of Bellamy in England and took a DNA sample..

Twenty three year old Ridhima, who is keen to work in the field of wildlife photography, explains the process behind her picture of three yellow windows and a man looking out of one of those bewildered at the monkey rushing by. “The image was clicked near a temple in Varanasi. The three artistic windows looked attractive but I was waiting for some action to happen.

One is a conscious joke about high school evolution which doubles as a comment on social progress. Doug and Brad real names are Morton Schmidt and Greg Jenko. Seven years ago, they went to the same high school. After the introduction on Monday June 1 of Legistar 60764 which called for the creation of a MPD civilian oversight board by October 6, 2020, alders received 1,698 emails in support of the resolution by the Council meeting of Tuesday June 2. Since then, emails have continued to stream in demanding civilian oversight of the police, for the Council to make a more overt and visible commitment to racial justice, to expand community led health and safety initiatives, and to defund the police. We are in a historic moment.

Reddit in 2016 will allow third party entities to get access to any user’s account details(Link here, I know you know about it or have the capability to find out for yourselves). This is it. Bye Guys. When he got out of his car on the highway, he added, “it was literally like stepping on an ice rink.” There were other deadly crashes in Texas as a frigid storm created icy conditions from Texas to southern New Jersey. In Austin, five people were sent to the hospital from a 26 car pileup, USA Today reports, and three people were killed in two crashes in Dallas late Wednesday and Thursday, one of them involving 18 vehicles. The storm also knocked out power to along the 1,500 mile stretch of storm, and 66,000 customers in Texas, 41,000 in Kentucky, and 31,000 in West Virginia were still without power late Thursday, USA Today says..

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