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Join for free opening an account at this cashback website doesn cost a buck. 100% cashback well, the site promises to give you fll 100% cashback which they receive from the retailer. It also one of the highest cashback paying sites. Facebook Home, the app which CEO Mark Zuckerberg touted as the version of Facebook, has not been an immediate hit. Its Google Play rankings have been dropping steadily after the launch buzz wore off, according to new data from top app store analytics firms. Despite having an active user base of over a billion on the social network itself, the company announced on Thursday that it wasjust now 1 million downloadsfor its Home app.

The 40 minute call, a transcript of which was obtained by TIME, provides the clearest picture yet of Giuliani attempts to pressure the Ukrainians on Trump behalf. The President personal lawyer toggled between veiled threats careful, he warned repeatedly promises to help improve Ukraine relations with Trump. Only motive isn to get anybody in trouble who doesn deserve to be in trouble, Giuliani said.

Robin Wright spends most of “Land” alone, but that’s not how her character Edee sees it. Newly widowed and raw with sorrow for reasons left (mostly) unsaid, Edee abandons nearly everything about her old life and buys a cabin on the side of a mountain in Wyoming. Isolation serves a specific purpose for Edee, one that Wright, in a directorial debut so pure and simple it speaks to enormous self confidence, has better instincts than to reveal outright.

Staff memo: The proposed new eight story hotel building will be approximately 81,232 sf total with 151 guest rooms, an eighth floor restaurant, and other amenities. The ground level drop off area and four (4) loading/parking stalls are accessed off of Main Street. Guest parking will be located off site.

The hacker was interviewed by Motherboard, who claimed that zero day exploits discovered on Zoom are being sold on the black market for a price ranging between $5,000 to $30,000. However, the hacker also said that although there’s a lot of interest currently in finding zero day vulnerabilities on the Zoom app, it doesn’t possess a lot of economic value. He further mentioned that the price differs depending on the software and the application.

Aims: To investigate public perceptions of the use of collars for companion cats in New Zealand. To understand perceptions around safety and efficacy of collar use.Methods: An online questionnaire was distributed to members of the public via social media. The questionnaire collected details of respondents, cat ownership status, and responses to a number of questions regarding collar use in cats.

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