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As he circled back to ask, I told him the truth. He immediately offered to do something about it. I asked if they could put more flavor in the pasta. The first two are indisputable.The Trump Biden race in this state has followed a distinctive age pattern since 2019, with Biden leading among the youngest (under 40) and oldest (60 and over) and Trump leading among the middle aged (40 59).Video: Trump believes ‘tough’ CDC school reopening guidelines should be changedThis pattern is pronounced under Trump, but it’s not new in Wisconsin politics.Subscribe to our On Wisconsin Politics newsletter for the week’s political news explained.”We’ve pretty consistently seen that people born in the 1960s and 70s are more Republican leaning” than other voters, said Marquette Law School pollster Charles Franklin, who has conducted more than 60 surveys in the state over the past 8 years.Most of these voters, now in their 40s and 50s, belong to Generation X those post Baby Boom Americans born between the mid 60s and 1980, many of whom came of age politically during or soon after the Reagan presidency.Are you registered to vote? Check your status or register online now to make sure your vote counts.In Wisconsin, these voters are far more pro Trump than people in their 60s and older, who give the president a 42% approval rating since May and 41% approval for handling the coronavirus outbreak.The president’s “senior problem” is much more longstanding here. After splitting the senior vote with Hillary Clinton in 2016 (according to the Wisconsin exit poll), he has struggled with these voters since.The numbers are remarkably consistent in Marquette’s polling. Trump’s net approval rating (the share of voters who approve minus the share who disapprove) among voters 60 and over averaged minus 10 in 2017 18; minus 8 in 2019; minus 8 in 2020; and was minus 8 in Marquette’s last poll, taken in mid June.Former Vice President Joe Biden, left, and President Donald TrumpBy contrast, Trump’s approval ratings among voters in their 50s have climbed from plus 1 in 2017 18, to plus 10 in 2019 and plus 13 in 2020.”It has certainly long been true in Wisconsin that senior citizens are not the easiest group for Republicans to get,” said Brad Todd, a GOP consultant with experience in statewide campaigns here.

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