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LOOKY EYES 3D MASCARA: New on the party scene is a mascara that an alternative to false eyelashes. Originally from Quebec, the product from Elle R Cosmetiques is made from gel, green tea and nylon, this lash lengthening, volume intensifying mascara comes with a dual wand application system that is easy to use, with eye popping results. Price is under $30..

British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, Founder of the TerraMar Project, attending a press conference on the issue of oceans in the Sustainable Development Goals, at the UN headquarters in New York: (EPA UN photo)Former federal prosecutor Jaimie Nawaday has claimed that Ghislaine Maxwell could be granted bail because of an outbreak of Covid 19 in her New York prison.Maxwell is currently being held at the Metropolitan Detention Centre in Brooklyn facing charges of trafficking, sexual exploitation and abuse of minors.She is due in court on Tuesday for her arraignment and has been accused of luring and grooming underage girls, so her former boyfriend and business associate, Jeffrey Epstein, could abuse them.Last week, the British socialite’s lawyers requested bail, and argued that she would face a “significant risk” of catching Covid 19 if forced to remain in prison during the upcoming legal proceedings.Ms Nawaday, who previously worked for the Southern District of New York (SNDY), the office that is prosecuting Maxwell, told the New York Post that the high number of coronavirus cases in US prisons might mean she is granted bail on Tuesday.”I think this one is a close case. Epstein had no chance at all at bail. She’s in a very different position,” she said.At least 55 inmates and staff members have tested positive for coronavirus at her facility since the start of the pandemic, and the former federal prosecutor thinks this might help Ms Maxwell.”All bail arguments look a little bit different now given Covid 19.

Men give the world a glimpse of their wealth, occupation, and social status by wearing clothes just like the men who lived two centuries ago. Back then, class and social hierarchy were important aspects of dressing. Man place in society was completely visible in those days..

Now, after repeated outbreaks of the disease in meat packing plants, companies including Tyson Foods are struggling to get machines to do processing jobs that have traditionally been thought to require the finesse of human manual dexterity.3 . Usually businesses can afford to wait. Second wave and could stop one from happening in Canada.

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