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On the inaugural flight to Sweden the airline lost it for a week. Good news? My stuff is fine. Bad? They crunched the wheel and handle. They alleged he either paid for campaign services directly and didn seek reimbursement or paid costs through a co defendant, Dale Emmons.NBC NewsIt started like any other Kremlin crackdown. Residents of Khabarovsk, a large city near Russia border with China, have been up in arms for days protesting the arrest of their governor on 15 year old murder charges. Lozoya, who is being extradited from Spain to Mexico, is expected home this week to face a series of corruption charges dating back to his 2012 16 tenure at the helm of struggling Mexican state oil company Petroleos Mexicanos, known as Pemex.

“We may be going through one of the most painful and exceptional moments in our history,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday. “We may be going through profound social dislocation.”Despite a sharp drop in the number of cases since May, the city has limited its reopening amid fears that a surge of infections felling southern and western states could strike New York.With tourism evaporating, office towers nearly deserted, many stores shuttered, unemployment at 20 percent, and city services trimmed: this metropolis of 8.5 million people, synonymous with crowds and consumerism, has become a muted version of its former self.For the reopening of schools in September, city officials are planning on a maximum of three days of in class time a week, frustrating parents desperate to return to normal work schedules.And the crime rate, in decline since the mid 1990s, is surging: police have tallied 634 shootings and 203 murders since January, respective rises of 60 percent and 23 percent from the same 2019 period.Against that background, many New Yorkers have fled the city, leaving thousands of vacant apartments behind. Manhattan real estate rental prices declined slightly in this year’s second quarter for the first time in 10 years, according to the StreetEasy real estate website.

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