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Callaghan O’Hare/HOUSTON When health officials quietly removed nearly 3,500 COVID 19 cases from the official Texas total on Wednesday, it launched a deluge of conspiracy theories about inflated and unreliable data in the midst of a surging pandemic.The 3,484 removed cases were diagnosed using FDA approved antigen tests. The FDA has said positive results from antigen tests are “highly accurate,” and can be used to diagnose current COVID 19 infections. But state health officials pointed to the definition of a coronavirus case the CDC published in early April to explain why the cases were removed.”The case data on our website reflect confirmed cases, and cases identified by antigen testing are considered probable cases under the national case definition,” said Chris Van Deusen, a spokesman for the Texas Department of State Health Services.Under that definition, the CDC only considers cases “confirmed” if they are diagnosed using a molecular, often called PCR, test.

(Of course, there are huge swaths of the county where it can take a day or two for a plow to come through.) Those folks don know why school has to be cancelled for all kids just because a minority of kids can make it. So the proposal being considered is to establish B routes, basically driving school buses only on major roads, and putting the onus on parents (and kids) to get themselves to bus stops along those roads. The routes they looking at now would leave out 1,600 kids, or about 12% of students..

It opens with a burst of freshness the ginger root is joined by top notes of green peppercorn and Mexican lime. The heart of orris is surrounded by Egyptian jasmine and soft tea notes. Then, at the base of the fragrance, the slightly bitter notes of vetiver are smoothed by rich amber shades of sandalwood, cedar, leather and musk.

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Very good move. We had a blast and the weather is 20 degrees cooler there about 2 hours away. Good day trip or even more if you plan ahead. Calling me a “white nationalist” is absolutely laughable and offensive. In conclusion, for what you are telling me to be true the schools would have had to remain good but they didn’t. So, the people who decided to take the better economic offer in the suburbs were CORRECT in doing what they did..

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