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First up: this chill AF low key look from your boy Beckham. David Beckham is an icon. Even if you think he a geek, I guarantee your girl doesn Plus he worth 300 milli and he gets to smash Posh Spice every night. Hi, hot dorkage, sorry for late. I just waited if there is some more comments. We need to look at macro level.

22. If you fail to claim the prize within the time limit or fail to comply with any other instructions or time limits notified to you or provide us with incorrect or fraudulent information, you will forfeit your right to the prize. We will then select an alternative winner.

Giant sauropods were fixtures in this enviornment dozens and dozens of varieties of Mamenchisaurus were present, as well as some Omeisaurus. There was also the brachiosaur relative Daanosaurus. Small meat eating dinosaurs were present, like Sinocoelurus, but also larger predators like Szechuanosaurus and the more famous Yangchuanosaurus, which would have been major threats to the livelihood of Tuojiangosaurus.

Free pizza and a 75 foot statue of Musk: the battle for the next Tesla plantAustin, Texas, is a progressive city in a conservative state with a thriving software industry and a “Keep Austin Weird” counterculture image. With a decision expected within a few weeks, the Austin versus Tulsa contest is heating up as Tesla and its chief executive, Elon Musk, stoke a bidding war over tax breaks and other concessions that would reduce the factory cost. It was the latest forceful statement by President Donald Trump administration to challenge China, which he has increasingly cast as an enemy ahead of November elections.

You can unsubscribe at any time.Thank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee ourprivacy noticeLuis Suarez stands on the brink of history at Anfield on Wednesday night.If the Uruguayan striker finds the net against Sunderland he will overtake Robbie Fowler Premier League club record of 28 goals in a season.If Suarez scores twice or more he will become the first Liverpool player to reach 30 league goals since Ian Rush in 1986/87.This is no one man team but there is no denying who has been the driving force behind the Reds remarkable pursuit of the title.Including his 11 assists, Suarez has either scored or directly created 39 of Liverpool 82 league goals so far this term. He has been heavily involved in many more.Since returning from his 10 game suspension in late September, the 27 year old has been on a mission to make up for lost time.Luis Suarez goals in the Premier League 2013/14He has also emphatically answered questions about his commitment to the cause in the wake of last summer failed attempt to secure a move.When Suarez penned a new long term contract four months ago, it signalled his new found belief that he can realise his ambitions with Liverpool. That optimism has inspired him to even greater heights.The race for the Golden Boot is effectively over and Brendan Rodgers is convinced there is little debate to be had about the most deserving recipient of the PFA Player of the Year prize.Suarez would be the Reds first winner of that accolade since Steven Gerrard in 2006.”Luis is a remarkable talent,” Rodgers told the ECHO.”His sheer will and determination to want to score supersedes that talent really.”He has an amazing hunger for the game and 28 league goals in 25 games is a wonderful record.”He is certainly on his way to that (Player of the Year).

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