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The first study, conducted last month on behalf of CMHF showed there’s a silver lining in the current health crisis: 40% of those interviewed felt the lockdown has had a positive impact on their roles as fathers while many others felt their roles had changed for the better. The recent research has also shown that, thanks to the pandemic, Canadian fathers are closer to their kids. Perhaps it’s that whole working from home element, but the study reveals half of Canadian men interviewed say the experience has made them decide they want to continue building stronger relationships with their children.

Untold thousands of Tutsis were massacred here during the slaughter that followed the plane crash that killed President Juvenal Habyarimana in April. Most of the victims were sent floating down the Kagare River to foul the lakes and rivers of Uganda and Tanzania. Others are buried in mass graves, haunting the city with reminders of its recent nightmare..

At a time when India is aspiring for a position on the global high table and increasing its international diplomatic footprint, it is unbecoming of us to treat African guests here in a prejudicial and barbaric fashion. Of course, if any African indulges in illegal activities then the law of the land should certainly take its course. But discriminating against an entire community is totally uncalled for.

Although ‘Chemicals’ didn’t make the cut for the original ‘Vicious’ tracklist, it does appear here. With its catchy beat, ‘Chemicals’ swiftly proves to be the best song on the entire EP. The raw, stripped back edge of this release subsides as the soft and tranquil piano tinted ‘Heart of Novacaine’ enters the fray.

Canadian here. We just so tired of Americans. We constantly have to put up with your obnoxious attitude towards things and your self entitlement. Who can forget Bosnia where not a single European country intervened to help Bosnian muslims. Infact to protect their well armed troops Dutch generals handed over innocent civlians to Serbs to be butchered. The resolutions for Bosnia were way stronger than resolutions against Iraq or Libya.

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