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Dressing up fashionably is something that each one of us desires. Nothing rivals the satisfaction of being the centre of attraction through your style statement. And though dressing impeccably is an important aspect of your attire, flaunting the latest accessory is a crucial factor in making heads turn.

For starters and most importantly, certainly he speaks at length about preventing more potentially deadly civil unrest in the Sudan, a time sensitive concern given a January referendum that could split the north and south regions of the African nation. He also charms his way through a crowd of eager hand shakers while making his way to the front of the briefing room. And, not surprisingly for wonky Washington, his presence attracts a mix of policy makers, scholars, journalists and outright gawkers who each have different reasons for parking themselves in uncomfortable chairs to listen to an hour long conversation about the nitty gritty nuances of international diplomacy efforts.

In very short order, NextGen got one of its own elected to office, and one year in, it has been nothing but a bumpy road for young Mr. Mesirow. He has had to learn the hard way on numerous occasions that the perceived plight of his generation and its desires are truly no worse or more difficult than those of generations past.

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There’s no need to wear make up if you don’t want to. I don’t wear make up the vast majority of the time, and I see no reason why I should change that. If make up makes you uncomfortable, then don’t do it but learning how to do it for if you ever want to is probably a good thing.

Use a comma when you would pause in speaking. Do not write sentence fragments. Type two spaces after a period at the end of a sentence. Dr. Mandal’s continued attachment to the online platforms where she writes, is an attempt to make correct medical information accessible to the general public. She believes in patient education and awareness and preventive medicine along with rational therapeutics and hopes to fulfill her role as an educator and teacher as well as a Clinical Pharmacologist..

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