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Angry residents in Thanington customised the welcome sign after it was snubbed for the relay route. Pic: Alex PerkinsVanessa Burns, 15, from Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar School makes her way through the townThe scene of a crash at York Street, Dover, when a car overturned just a couple of hours before the torchbearer was due. Pic: Graham TutthillYoung spectators watch the torch relay in Sturry Road, CanterburyCan you spot yourself in the crowd at Folkestone?”The council really did pull out all the stops to organise this event and turn it around at very short notice,” she said..

Everything at the sale seemed to be picked over or well beyond my budget. In the basement there was a grand game room, I noticed on the floor in one of the corners a stack of old games. I discovered a very old Ouija board in the pile and decided to purchase it.

Ibrahim Musa ever present smile had turned into a frown and he had squirmed uncomfortably when he heard our plans to go to the facility on our own. For now, as acting commander of one of the militias in charge of securing the oilfields, he is responsible for us. There were bandits and smugglers and Islamic militants, he had explained, insisting that he and a couple of jeep loads of armed men join us for the 50km journey from the main local town of Owbari to the oil wells..

“My neighbors were drug dealers and gangbangers. Do you know the Brig?” he asks, referring to the notorious old school dive bar where he used to hang out before the “strollers and whitewashed wood coffee bars” came to town. “Back in the day, there were two pool tables in the bar, and they had sawdust on the ground to basically mop up the blood at the end of the night from the fights and shit that would go down.”.

Many styles have corresponding apps that allow you to control the lock remotely as well as see the video. The 3rd Generation August Smart Lock Pro is a super stylish, easy to operate smart lock that is both key and mobile phone operated. Couple this with Wyze Cam Indoor Smart Home camera and there won be much going on in and around your home that you won know about in real time!.

Her distaste for Trump has fueled her comic sensibility: “It seems like we’ve been gaslighted for three and a half years. Now he’s saying ridiculous things that make no sense, but people are nodding and no one is calling him out. That frustration is part of the reason why I wanted to do something like this.”.

Saris are one of the popular wardrobes for women both for official and casual wear. Today, we can see young girls showing more interest on wearing saris for any special occasions such as wedding and reception. Moreover, today there is a variety of saris available in different designs, patterns, material choices and types from which you can choose your best one.

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