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After the initial shock of a Christmas single released for Jesus’ birthday in 2015, LCD Soundsystem are back after announcing their death back in 2011. And by the sound of how their performances have been going state side, haven’t changed a bit in terms of the energy they bring to the stage (watch their live DVD at their ‘last ever’ show at Madison Square Garden in 2011 if you haven’t). With music as consistently great as theirs, with hits such as ‘Dance Yrself Clean’, ‘All My Friends’, ‘Daft Punk Is Playing At My House’ as well as countless others, it’s sure to be one of the highlights of this years festival.

Several schools could lose football players who have plans to graduate early to join college programs, meaning they would miss out on their senior season. Football players could follow the lead of Newhall Hart quarterback Titus Tucker, who is moving to Alabama to continue his athletic career, and St. Monica quarterback Ethan Grady, who is moving to Colorado..

Following that are the unscripted series Too Hot to Handle, and Floor is Lava 51 million Netflix subscribers tuned in for the former, and a projected 37 million are expected to do so for the latter. Also in the mix were the Mindy Kaling co created Never Have I Ever and Steve Carell starrer Space Force, both at 40 million. The animated feature film The Willoughbys racked up 38 million viewers, while Spike Lee’s Vietnam drama Da 5 Bloods pulled in 27 million member households..

From what I heard, if you are 13 25 with a smartphone, there a good chance your primary source of communication is snapchat. And unlike other platforms (WeChat, WhatsApp), snapchat has a content delivery mechanism. Whereas WeChat, Viber, Whatsapp allows you to communicate quickly, there no connection to advertisers (from what I know).

A moment for police reform that could reshape Black communities for generationsAfter years of fighting for incremental progress in the White House and the halls of Congress, police reform activist Nkechi Taifa finds herself leapfrogged by protesters in the streets calling to “defund the police” and reimagine law enforcement across the country. Across the country, street protests and confrontations that erupted following the May 25 death of George Floyd after a white Minneapolis police officer kneeled on his neck for almost nine minutes haveprompted a broad and lasting discussion about the state of policing in America and how communities could or should change it. Sergei Furgal, a member of the Liberal Democratic Party, was the governor of the Khabarovsk region where he swept to power in 2018 after defeating a rival from the ruling United Russia party that backs President Vladimir Putin.

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