Ray Ban Clubmaster Original Como Saber

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You probably googled for it, so you may have seen the below:Ray Ban sunglasses were marketed as “The World Finest Sunglasses” which promoted the company experience over more than 100 years of manufacturing scientific optical instruments. Quality control at the original Ray Ban was a top priority, with lenses made from optical glass which had been “precision ground and polished to be “free of waves or any other defects that could distort vision and cause eyestrain and fatigue.” Ray Ban gold frames feature gold electroplating, sometimes with 10k, 12k, or even 24k gold, and the process ensures that the gold is permanently bonded to the core metal which was specially alloyed for both strength and malleability. It is important to note that Ray Ban black frames were known as “black chrome” and similarly electroplated, so the black finish is not an enamel which could chip or wear off.We are often asked about what vintage Ray Ban marks on gold filled frames means.

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