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NEW DELHI: The Parliamentary panel on Information Technology has summoned the head of microblogging site Twitter to appear before it on February 25, the committee chairman Anurag Thakur said on Monday. Committee members took a serious note about the Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey not appearing before it on Monday. While representatives from Twitter India office reached the meeting venue here, they were not called in for deliberations by the panel, according to sources.

Go there, enjoy it !MoreRoom tip: Be sure to ask for a sea view room. The staff are very accommodating from the beginning of your arrival, and make the effort to make you feel welcomed. This started from being approached and greeted at our entrance, being offered complimentary shots during check in and other nice gestures throughout our stay.

I used to make fun of Venice. Well, Venice is always an easy target. Always has been. Pin and heat It is the best for the glasses broken in half. Heat up the plastic frames holding over the hot steam of boiled water (not flame). Now the plastic becomes soft, flexible and compliant.

I am in Canada. My health data may have been stolen in a cyberattack on lab test provider Life Labs in late October. The company paid ransom to get data back and is offering potentially affected clients one year of free identity theft insurance and dark web monitoring through American consumer credit reporting agency TransUnion.

Bill Mollison is the co founder of permaculture, which was first described in the book One in 1978. Upon his retirement in October 1997, Bill asked Geoff to establish and direct a new institute on the property. Geoff agreed and continued developing the Farm over a three year period.

DeVos speaks of of her concern for sexual assault survivors, but her words ring hollow. These proposed rules illustrate that her driving concern is not that less than 10% of college students report the sexual assault and harassment they experience. It’s not that school administrators are not getting those reports to know what’s happening on campus and prevent further violence.

It’s crazy how time flies. If you didn’t know already, I study communication science and politics. However, my boyfriend and I decided to take some outfit pictures on Friday while we still had time. We are working with our international partners on this. It is deeply, deeply troubling,” he told The Andrew Marr Show.”The reports of the human aspect of it from forced sterilisation to the education camps are reminiscent of something we have not seen for a long, long time.”This from a leading member of the international community that wants to be taken seriously and in fact who we want a positive relationship with.”They could do that tomorrow,” she told The Andrew Marr Show.But Mr Liu said it would be “totally wrong” for Britain now to impose sanctions on Chinese officials and said Beijing was ready to respond in kind.”If the UK goes that far to impose sanctions on any individuals in China, China will certainly make a resolute response to it.”You have seen what happened between China [and] the United States. They sanctioned Chinese officials, we sanctioned their senators, their officials.

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