Ray Ban Don 2 Sunglasses

Also to add the bus stop was about a 5 minute walk which was fine as we got to see many things. I really recommend this hotel!! There was also a snack bar with great food. There are so many more lovely things I could say about this hotel but I don’t think I could fit it all in .

When Terrence came up Matthew’s ass, it was done, Matt was gone, only Matthew remained. They went to the mirror in the bathroom and Matthew took a picture of them to send to his master, letting him know he now has a hive in the United Kingdom. You can see the two suited slaves below..

Winter sunlight can be even harsher on your eyes (and the wrinkles around them!) simply because of the the sun is lower to the horizon. So you need to protect your vision (and your face!) by wearing sunglasses outdoors. What are the best fall and winter sunglasses? Here are a few we think fit the bill..

Not welcome here. The painful racial reckoning playing out in a Wendy parking lotIn the early morning of Tuesday, bulldozers and backhoes moved in to demolish the charred ruins of a Wendy fast food restaurant that had become a shrine, a mini occupation zone, and rallying point for protesters since the building was set ablaze following the fatal police shooting of Rayshard Brooks. Activists who occupied the parking lot around the former drive through restaurant hoped to create a space that would affirm Black lives, even naming the site the Rayshard Brooks Peace Center.

Sigh. Music gig concert USCanadaTour. I follow a lot of trends and couture handles on Instagram. Wednesday, the former No. 1 overall pick signed a five year, $125 million contract extension, $100 million guaranteed, making him the league highest paid defensive player. Garrett grateful the Browns never wavered in their support following the incident with Rudolph, and they believe the talented 24 year old has only scratched the surface of his potential..

You see them going after each other at a higher tempo. I walked off that field today there were a lot of good things on that field.” Cornerback Nico Scott, who has worked with the first team defense throughout spring practice, had his right arm in a sling and appears done for spring practice. His injury is unknown.

Today the President called FBI Director James Comey to express his gratitude for the quick response of Bureau personnel to this morning tragic shooting at the Washington Navy Yard. The President also received an update on the ongoing investigation, being led by the FBI. The President commended the FBI and all of the federal agencies involved for their close coordination with the local officials during the ongoing response..

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