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If you find yourself feeling particularly ode y or rhyme scheme y this Thursday, we have an outlet to fulfill your poetry needs. In the Maud Fife room in Wheeler, faculty poets will read their own work. Poets include CS Giscombe, Robert Hass, Lyn Hejinian, Geoffrey G.

The tour will include events to celebrate Australia and New Zealand’s success in technology, tourism, sports and art, the couple’s office said, along with ceremonies to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the start of World War One. The rules will not require the use of a medical mask, which ministers want to preserve for frontline health staff. Ahead of a bail hearing on Tuesday, prosecutors revealed that FBI officers discovered that Ms Maxwell had wrapped her mobile phone in tin foil in a “seemingly misguided effort to evade detection” and hired former British soldiers to guard her hideout in New Hampshire, where she was arrested earlier this month.

So in this spirit I paid a Saturday afternoon visit with a friend to test it out.That was nice to hear but I was baffled as to why the menu states that the Black Country burger includes black pudding from Bury instead from a more local producer.Bury Black Pudding the name of the pudding used is an award winning brand up north so it’s fair to say although it’s not Black Country, it’s definitely top quality bostin black pudding.At Handmade Burger Company, in true fast food fashion, diners put their order in and pay up front at the bar after choosing what they want.Our food arrived pretty promptly.What we ordered We ordered a New York deli burger pastrami, 7oz beef patty, American mustard, gherkin relish, Swiss cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato and red onion (8.65), a side of their new sweet potato fries (3.50) and The Black Country burger 7oz beef patty, topped with black pudding, mature cheddar cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato and red onion (9.25).From my first bite of my burger, I understood what the waitress meant when she said it was very earthy.It tasted like it had very herby sage and onion stuffing in it which at first was interesting. After my initial tentative couple of small bites, I went for a massive third bite where the full flavoursome impact of the black pudding hit me and not in a good way.I scraped the remaining pudding off the burger and ate what was left. Although the beef was a bit too well done for my liking, it was on a very nice soft white bun and covered with lots of lovely mustard, lettuce, tomato, red onion and cheese always a winner.But unfortunately the after taste of the black pudding lingered heavily.People of the Black Country are made of strong stuff but this Black Country Burger just aye my cuppa tea bab!My friend said his New York deli burger was “fine” He didn’t rate the quality of beef used and I don’t think I could tell because the black pudding was so overpowering.Weirdly and slightly worrying for a burger restaurant, the highlight of our meal was the tasty and crispy sweet potato fries which went down a real treat..

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