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The three alarm fire broke out late at Madison Place Apartment complex at 19730 56th Avenue, drawing 30 firefighters from both the City and Township of Langley to battle the blaze.Crews managed to contain the fire later that night, but it restarted Saturday morning, according to a City of Langley news release. It has since been extinguished, and all residents were safely evacuated.There were no fatalities, but many residents lost everything, including a place to live. Residents will not be able to access the apartment complex until further notice, the city said.The city has activated the Langley Emergency Program, which provides short term assistance to residents forced to leave their homes because of fire or other emergencies.Meanwhile, some local businesses have begin collecting donations, allowing the community to provide assistance of their own.Shortly after learning of the fire, SK Automarket Sales opened up their nearby used car lot at 19833 Fraser Highway as a donation dropoff.

“Parvati River which is our lifeline has been destroyed because of bajari and stone mining. Nothing has been done for that. What shall we do?” Jai Singh complained. Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi party have stirred a hornet nest by promising to do away with residential house tax if elected to power in the coming elections in Delhi municipalities. The opposition accuses them of trying to use a populist ploy and reversing the government’s earlier stand asking for revising up property tax rates to meet the burgeoning deficits of the Delhi municipalities. The move would hit the revenues of the three municipalities in Delhi as around a third of the revenue of these bodies come from property tax and house property tax account for a one third share of this..

“Addressing the age, unsafe conditions, and congestion on this 60 year old section of interstate will also improve the economic viability of our area by opening up development prospects. Area Development Magazine ranks “highway accessibility” as the second factor considered most important by site selectors. A survey of Waukesha County businesses showed the same result and in fact, more than 80 percent of respondents said the number one service a government could provide was a good, safe network of roads that allow for the efficient transport of employees, customers and goods..

The stakes: I really really need cheering up right now, and being taken out of myself. I’m experiencing rather a lot of physical pain and my brain has decided that I would probably like some panicky anxiety to go with that, but my brain is wrong! I need fun light froth to occupy my brain and reset my emotions. Help me with delightful books! [more inside].

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