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There is currently no suitable kinematic system for a large scale prospective trial assessing risk factors of musculoskeletal disorders. A practical kinematic system is described which involves the use of a single low cost depth sensing camera for the real time measurement of 3 dimensional linear and angular pelvic and trunk range of movement (ROM). The method is based on the creation and processing of dynamic point clouds taken from the posterior surface of the pelvis and trunk.

Forgo Paper and use Orebfuscator plugin. Caches obfuscated chunks to reduce load on server having to reobfuscate the chunk every time the player visits it. Also lets you define weights for what ores get placed so if you want more diamonds to show up in the obfuscated chunks you can do that..

It’s unclear whether a deal with Hyundai or the affiliated Kia is completely off the table, or whether it could be revisited at a later date. After confirming the talks with Apple in January, Hyundai quickly backpedaled, confirming only that it’s been talking to partners about building an autonomous electric car. Now, the chance of the deal ever happening definitely seems diminished..

A: The Board of Directors (the Board) of Pool Corporation (the Company, we, us or our) is providing these proxy materials to you in connection with its solicitation of proxies for use at the 2020 annual meeting of our stockholders (the Annual Meeting). Stockholders at the close of business on March 12, 2020, the record date, are entitled to vote at the Annual Meeting. Central Time via live webcast on the internet..

Health care providers have been calling for protections from COVID 19 related lawsuits since the onset of the pandemic. The Florida Medical Association, the Florida Osteopathic Medical Association and the Florida Justice Reform Institute in March 2020 requested that Gov. Ron DeSantis issue an executive order protecting physicians from malpractice lawsuits for care provided during the pandemic..

This is the country ofsapeurs dandies who don sharp get ups daily despite the poverty, oppression, and conflict often surrounding them. Being a member of the so calledSocit des Ambianceurs et des Personnes legantes (SAPE), will earn you a combination of rolled eyes and a yelp of glee. The organization uses dressing well as an act of defiance against difficult circumstances in Eastern Congo that would be the cycle of violence and never ending dependence on humanitarian aid for basic needs..

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