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The level of the water in Lake Mendota has to be brought down to provide room for the rains that are predicted Friday and into next week. If this isn’t done, the dam at Tenney would almost certainly be compromised. A failure of the dam would cause devastating flooding along the Yahara River, in the isthmus and the lands surrounding Lake Monona..

“The scene we saw today is one really unlike one probably any of us have ever seen and one we pray to God we never see again,” said Fort Worth Police Chief Neil Noakes. First responders had to use hydraulic tools to remove some people from their vehicles, and as they worked their way through the wreckage, medics marked the vehicles they searched to avoid duplicative efforts as they hurried to get people out of the sub freezing temperatures. “I was looking in my rearview mirror and it was like watching the hand of God move these cars up around me in the ice,” a driver named Shane, who stopped just short of the pileup, told the Star Telegram.

If you have right to own personal property, can open business and participate in free market then rest assured your country is Capitalist. If you can your country is definitely Socialist. Example: North Korea, USSR, China before market reform, Cuba, Venezuela and few other countries..

I think a lot of people today would assume that white supremacy goes hand in hand with certain political views but back then it did not because those beliefs were, sadly, so widespread.I also think it’s a bit strange to say any one group was largely responsible for prohibition given that it was passed as a constitutional amendment, which requires overwhelming political support.The way prohibition has been taught more recently is that it was a somewhat natural result of alcohol being extremely cheap around the early 1900s. There were bumper crops of rye and whiskey became extremely cheap as a result. This caused widespread spikes in alcoholism with resulting increases in crime, poverty, and domestic violence.I remember reading that factories even had whiskey breaks every few hours just so that men could keep their buzz going.

First thing’s first, you will want to have your eyes examined by an optometrist as you will need a prescription for your eyes as well as your pupillary distance to order glasses or lenses online. The most common and affordable location is a Costco Optical center. Costco makes non member allowances for optical exams, however, if you need to buy glasses or contacts a membership is required.

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