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Laura and Randy Wood opened a coffee shop and caf in downtown Nashville on June 1. They say that so far, they’ve exceeded their sales goals and are excited for what the business might be like post pandemic. But they’d thought the virus would be gone by July, and it isn’t.

At the same time, the production of both disposable and reusable masks went into overdrive throughout the spring, making shortages much less likely.Redfield and other top officials now uniformly recommend mask wearing, but until very recently they found resistance from President Trump and his most loyal political supporters, some of whom appeared to believe that wearing a mask was a display of weakness. That opposition may now be weakening as the virus continues to exact a daily human, economic and social toll on the nation.In seeming recognition that the culture war over face masks was not proving productive, Trump was photographed wearing a mask in public for the first time over the weekend, in what was widely hailed as a significant development in his administration’s public health messaging.”With cloth face coverings, personal protection is derived from their use by all members of the community,” the editorial by Redfield, Brooks and Butler stated, in what some may see as rebuke of politicians, like Ron DeSantis of Florida, who has resisted a universal mask order even as the state he governs becomes a global coronavirus hot spot.There is no indication that Trump will order all Americans to wear masks. The confrontation happened hours before Mayor Bill de Blasio signed into law a series of police accountability measures inspired by the killings of George Floyd, Eric Garner and other Black people.

Article content continuedDespite these tangible benefits, some concerns over neighbourhood safety have been expressed. Does it always have to be this way? We don’t think so. The Edmonton Social Planning Council recently published a report, Public Engagement on Affordable Housing in Edmonton, which explores best practices for how a robust public engagement strategy can address these concerns and offers a number of recommendations to community league members, city administration, and affordable housing developers..

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