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But that did not occur here: The Kittitas County sheriff eventually arrested Sullivan and his men for falsely claiming to be deputized, a charge they denied. Guns, he argued, should not be accountable to a private payroll. He was sympathetic to the Knights of Labor and deemed Sullivan’s force in Roslyn a “serious menace.”.

Trump’s lies, echoed by his minions, of “voter fraud” enraged his slavish supporters, who closed their eyes while Trump tried to steal the election in plain sight. The rioting seditionists Trump sent to storm the Capitol were white supremacists, neo Nazis, “Camp Auschwitz” Holocaust deniers, QAnon anti Semites, Confederate flag wavers, and extremist right wing militias altogether the flower of Trumpism. These fanatics threatening to end democratic governance, to “hang Mike Pence” after Trump denounced him, to assassinate Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others are bizarrely equated with “Rambo” by Ray Duckler.

I want you to know that for every person being nasty and unkind that there are hundreds more who value all that you’re doing for our children and communities. We see you working harder than you ever have in the virtual environment. We see you responding to emails insanely late into the night and far too early in the morning..

They weren way more qualified. They were qualified for a different position, they probably couldn use the 3D modeling software I was using and because of their qualifications, they wouldn be doing what they went to school for so they also likely wouldn have enjoyed the job and wouldn have stayed in the position for very long either. Being over qualified doesn make you even more qualified for a job.

So you do, right? The Clog adores food like no other. There not a single ounce of benefit that comes from pretending the sandwich pictured above is not sexy. Not a single ounce. “Now that we’re through the other side of it, I felt it was a bit of a gift for us as we transition from one series to the next,” he said. “We know the challenges that come with playing Montreal. It’s going to be a much different type of game than what we’ve seen .

Deep Stone Lullaby is a very relaxed, almost serene sounding piece, and it fits the mood perfectly. I’ve been in numerous raid groups that have said, “Alright, everyone turn your music up and shut up,” when we got to that point, just to experience the music in its prime. I’ll concede that, on its own, it’s a good piece, but nothing incredible, but in the setting it’s placed, it’s damn near perfect..

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