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Which is why Karch Kiraly (pronounced ”KEE dhy” in Hungarian), the worlds best volleyball player as well as its most photogenic, is on a mission. Karch wants you. Karch wants to bring volleyball into your home and your heart and your wallet. He used that time to heavily research the battleships and submarines that took part in the “Battle of the Atlantic,” which is what “Greyhound” is loosely based on.Instead of reading a few books and watching a couple of World War II movies, Schneider built a website of everything he needed to know about US Navy battleships and German submarines.”Pictures, YouTube links, Wikipedia pages, high resolution Navy archive photographs. I collected all these things and built a research website that was indexed and categorized in a way that as the crew came on the movie, they could take a deep dive into whatever they wanted,” Schneider told Insider.Then he went a step further. The director and a friend flew to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and took around 10,000 photographs of the retired USS Kidd, which is one of the last existing destroyers still in World War II configuration.Those photos were then used to create a photogrammetry essentially a 3D model of the entire destroyer.

Those Chemicals and Refined Fossil Fuels that are destined Domestically within the US, are shipped or piped out from the Baton Rouge area out to their final destinations.Without these Refineries and Petro Chemical Plants in our area, the entire swathes of the Country Economic output would come to an immediate standstill. Factories in the Mid West would shutter and millions would be out of work.So what I initially ascribed to poor planning or underestimations of the Crises, I now understand are VERY much purposeful attempts to keep the essential portions of the US Economy chugging along, sacrificing Louisianan lives for the sake of the Bosses and Share Holders.Orleans and Jefferson Parishes, despite having the fastest growing spread of the Coronavirus remains open for business to keep the US Economy limping along, no matter how many lives that costs.As of when I went to bed last night, we had 2,800 reported cases of the Virus and 119 deaths.Today, that number is tremendously higher with 3,540 reported cases and 151 reported deaths.Here a Map of Cases from the Louisiana State Government:So I just thought I share what really going on down here. It not just a case of stupid Southerners and their nutcase Republican Politicians or anything like that.This Virus is Spreading throughout our region because very much competent leaders are CHOOSING to keep Louisiana Operating with Business as usual.We are being sacrificed so that all the REST of the Country Politicians don have to make more sacrifices, make difficult decisions, and spend even MORE money to make sure Americans don starve or lose their homes because of the Pandemic.Out Political leaders are trying to have it both ways.

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